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Letters to Triple M

* Photograph courtesy of Lilith Prins

I first started writing to Triple M because I had adjusted my sleeping routine to moonlight. Triple M hosted the night shift program which helped me out a lot. For the most part I was unemployed from 2017 – 2020.

The night shift program provided company to myself when there wasn’t any about. Although I get a lot of comments on my blog. I am for the large part a recluse. This is due to the fact that when you’re unemployed as an adult, most people are working their jobs and caught up in their own routine.

Having grown up with television and binge watching films I grew tired of that medium of entertainment. For the past few years radio has appealed to me and especially that of the night shift program. They were entertaining and informative.

And Triple M have provided key leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. I do appreciate these people and although they have had a bad wrap from sources of new age thinking. They are also leaders of our community here in Australia and should be recognized as such despite any mistakes that they have made in the past or misinterpretations that other people have.

They have assisted me greatly in this endeavor and for all of the entertainment and leadership that they have provided in the past to times concurrent they should be recognized as such.

These are my thoughts, documented in emails while listening to the program. Remember that these are just thoughts and even if some people may disagree or feel offended, these are just thoughts and theories.

A big thank you goes out to the whole Triple M team, especially that of Luke Bona and Jessica Issa who hosted the night shift program.

Letters to Triple M

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  1. to be a part of the Triple M network in Perth utilising local programming (as opposed to airing networked Triple M programmes) and Mix 94.5 does not carry the Triple M brand, logo or call letters.

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