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All lives matter

Okay, I feel I really have to address this issue to anybody who’s willing to listen.

We are just coming out of the COVID19 epidemic now. Restrictions are being lifted. In Australia this wasn’t this big of an issue, but in the U.S it was. In Australia we still had restrictions, but not nearly as many people died because of the epidemic. I can attribute Australia’s low death rate because of this matter due to a lower population than the U.S and the fact that our population isn’t that condensed. Because Australia has a lot of land, but not nearly as many people.

From news reports about 100,000 people died due to the COVID19 epidemic. Everybody would have been on edge because they were all in lock down. Australia was in lock down and so was the U.S. During this time many people experienced severe isolation, isolation that they have never felt before in their lives. Because I’m a writer and I live alone, I’m used to this sort of thing. But many people weren’t and it would have sent them stir crazy and a little bit insane.

The evidence of this is the #Black Lives Matter movement. It is dreadful, absolutely horrible what happened with the death of an African-American man at the hands of a police officer. My sincere apologies to everyone, but you need to hear this. Everyone is extremely sorry for what occurred with George Floyd’s death and we are all aware that racism is an issue and that attitude will not be tolerated with any friendly relations. I am deeply moved by what had occurred there. As far as I can see, what occurred is that the police were going insane because of the COVID19 epidemic and killed an African-American because everyone was a little bit on edge. I am sure that the police officer who did this will be trialed for murder and justice will be served.

But… One hundred thousand people have just died in the U.S due to, basically, what is a plague. If people take offence for other people saying # All lives matter, please do not take offence. Black people are included in all people. And George Floyd’s death was a tragedy.

But I am sickened by the fact that everyone comes out of the COVID19 epidemic and 100,000 people’s lives are just carelessly forgotten in the blink of an eye. I understand why the African-American’s are upset. But please do not take offence.

Remember, black lives are lives too.

This is somebody’s response to people who say that. And this is mine. Please don’t take offence. Remember, the police officer who killed this man will be brought to justice in due time.

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