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* This is an opinion piece, the facts within this piece have already been reported by mainstream media.

The past four years has been a rough period for myself, I couldn’t find ongoing or substantial work. I worked briefly for a period at a call centre in Melbourne, but had to travel from Geelong to do so. I made the move to Geelong for the reason that I could no longer afford rent within Melbourne. I had to leave the job in Melbourne due to theft of a motor vehicle, transportation issues and the fact that the job itself wasn’t a healthy environment for me to be in with a mental illness.

I couldn’t find ongoing work within Geelong and relied upon the assistance of family members and welfare services. The benefit of which, I guess, it gave me more focus on my writing and allowed time freed from hours that I would usually spend at work, to concentrate more on the production and development of my art. However, the financial pressures that this created for me and those around me were a strain that was not required. Added stress and discomfort that at one point resulted in a suicide attempt and also the cutting of my forearms.

Assistance from social services for these issues was there, but seemed to disappear when I actually needed them. I found it difficult to meet up with friends as most of my friends are Melbourne based and I couldn’t afford to travel on the allowance that the government affords for those on welfare. I was able to read the newspaper at the local café from time to time and keep track of both national and international occurrences that the media reported on. So how can I connect Trump to these series of events, the madman that he is, he not only had disastrous effects on the United States. But his power had global consequences for the rest of the world.

Let’s talk about the mentality that was prevalent in Australia over the past four years. Having an individual in a position of power like Trump effected all of those in positions of power throughout the world. Trump’s ability to fire people and mix things up were trademarks of his television show, ‘the Apprentice’. Having a madman as a character in a television show makes for entertaining programming, but place someone like that in the presidency and it will have a global effect. The idea that the Americans permitted this man to take the position of leadership over the country is an insane fact that will be marked down in history. But perhaps, that’s partially due to a population convinced by a personality as presented on a television series. Whenever someone asked me what I thought of Trump, I would respond by saying, ‘He’s a businessman, he doesn’t belong in politics.’ We all complain about how manipulative and horrible our politicians are. But have we considered the fact that that’s their skillset. Their ability lies in the fact of convincing people, that also means people in other nations. They are diplomatic in international relations. They don’t just go stampeding about the way Trump has. Even other republicans are more diplomatic in that sense. I can’t remember how long it took for Trump to formalize his cabinet, but that sort of organization shouldn’t exist in politics. The politicians have already developed a sense of each other within their own parties. Having an outsider like Trump come in was insane. And this insanity spread into different departments. Even in that of Australia I can remember an incident in which the police here partook in the beating of a schizophrenic man under no understanding of the illness that he suffered. That incident was captured on television and broadcast on social media. The madness that has existed and spread for the past four years belongs in the entertainment industry, not the presidential seat and should not be considered as the leader of the free world.

As Trump is effectively part of the baby boomer generation, millennials were assaulted with the worst face of the baby boomer generation. This caused arguments and general unrest between these two generations. The parents and their children. In which heated debate occurred on the policies that were created and what was occurring within the United States. These arguments and mentalities, in effect, were created by what seemed to be a man, finally facing the prospect of his own mortality, threw a tantrum about losing his hold on power relations. That’s what it seemed from where I stood. The baby boomer generation effectively stepping out of their own working roles and settling into retirement. Except Trump and a portion of the baby boomers didn’t settle into retirement and step down from their positions of power. They were throwing a tantrum about it. I understand, it’s a difficult phase in your lives, but seriously? What the hell was happening there? And having that guy as the leader of the free world, you can imagine that it spread can’t you?

Okay, there were some benefits. It wasn’t all bad. And I’ll tell you why. When you place someone incompetent in a position of power, you are effectively placing more pressure on those beneath you. People had to step up to the task of mending the problems that Trump was creating. Not only for the United States, but the rest of the world too. But Trump and his own ego would want to take responsibility for the good things as well. So I am giving it to him. Because of his own incompetent behaviour, he created leaders beneath him that wouldn’t be present otherwise.

If you’re thinking to yourselves, ‘Well, it’s not Trump’s fault that you can’t get a job.’ Let me explain what happened there. Think about it this way. In simple terms, the trade war with China that Trump led the United States into caused a disruption to the regular running of businesses, resulting in decreased employment.


Before Trump came into power, Obama had developed the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A new trade agreement that included Australia, China and many other nations. Trump probably had advanced knowledge of this sort of stuff as he was running and operating a multi-national business. Effectively Trump came in and ripped up the contract for what would effectively be the Trans-Pacific Partnership, believing he could get the Americans a better deal. And maybe the result of the trade war was that he effectively did.

Meanwhile, the government that came into power in Australia effectively became right wing, taking after the lead of the Americans. Then our government entered into its own separate agreement with China and other countries in southeast Asia. I don’t know what the effects of that will be. But I might be so blunt as to say, ‘Congratulations, you have effectively lost a proportionate amount of your power here.’


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