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Do you want to work with me?

I was thinking about Game of Thrones… George R. R. Martin is releasing the winds of winter this year which is good news. If you’re a reader you’ll realise there’s a huge difference in the books between the books and the television series (hint: the books have more characters).

So it got me thinking about my favorite character from the series who was Arya Stark. Who in the television series was played by Maisie Williams. I kind of forgot about her after the end of the show and what an epic show it was.

So I looked up what she was doing and she had established this awesome idea called ‘Daisie’. It’s basically an online community where artists can collaborate.

So I signed up. And I created a project for any visual artist who’s interested. Anybody who wants to work on a comic book series with me. If you wish to collaborate with me. Then you can access ‘Daisie’. I’ve posted the project as ‘Comic Book Series’ under the ‘Digital’ area. If anybody’s game, I’d treat it like an internship.

That is all.

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