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Jews, antisemitism and relationships

Okay. Where do I start on this one? Well, in high school I went to Brighton Secondary College which had a surrounding suburb of Caulfield North that was predominantly Jewish. Growing up in a post world war II era, even if you’re in Australia which is isolated from the rest of Europe can still be quite a challenge. Especially if you’re Jewish. Imagine yourself as a Semite, growing up in a world where the holocaust has occurred. The history of suffering that their people have gone through as a race. And imagine all of the people trying to fuck with you growing up, teasing you and belittling you because there was an event in history where you were targeted for extinction. That can’t be easy. It’s not easy on the other side either. Not the Nazi side, fuck them. Or rather the Neo-Nazis, many countries have learnt from the lessons of history and moved on. As to the countries that went to war in their efforts to save the Jews. That’s heavy shit right there and all involved are confused over that major event in history. Some of the things that I say in my books may aggravate the Jewish intellectuals, but they’re also a criticism of all the bullshit the Neo-Nazis represent.

Moving on from that, I grew up in a high school where many Jews also went to the same high school. I saw them and their own struggles, which was a rare event compared to many of the other high schools across the country. My friends were Jewish and my best friend was Jewish. My best friend was the one who I spent most of my time with while growing up. And quite frankly… It drove me mad. No, my madness is not a sole product of that relationship, there are many contributing factors there. We grew apart and for that I am thankful. We were both probably driving one another insane. And there were other parties involved who added to the confusion.

So let’s get this one thing clear. If you spend too much time with one person, no matter who it is. It will drive you around the bend. It’s called cabin fever. Spending too much time with one person will drive you crazy. So it’s best not to always read the same author, not to always listen to the same music, best not to spend too much time with the same lover, best not to spend too much time with the same friend and best not to focus on the same issue over and over again. And best not to do the same thing in a reoccurring pattern.

Culture needs a variety of different influences, a variety of different stories to tell, new music to listen to. Doing the same thing over and over again will not help you move on. No matter how difficult it is, the world continues to change and grow and you have to continue to change and grow with it. The people in your life will change and so will you. It’s better that than remain stagnant… Otherwise you will end up choking your best friend or lover. Whoever it is, whatever it is, change with the world and learn from it. Continue to grow the way you were meant to and don’t become a hateful or spiteful individual.

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