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Feminism, Gender politics and the biological urge

Okay. I don’t know who the fuck is reading this. If anybody is reading this at all. But here it goes.

Feminism challenges traditional female roles in society. Here in Australia we have been trying to do something about that by integrating females into sport and powerful roles in society. That means leadership and other roles that females were not traditionally placed within.

Now, let’s think about this. Warfare has changed. Men are no longer engaged in a hand-to-hand combat role. So any physical warfare is done now on an intellectual basis. That’s what we’re engaged in. Intellectual warfare, an economic war… Things like that. You need clarity for that shit. Of course remember this is a brief summary of events. And not exactly a detailed analysis. I guess I’ll have to get around to reading some of the feminists and what they’re saying.

But yeah… Here’s the basis of the confusion. Males and females have different sexual appetites at different points in their life. And that’s a crying shame… That’s what the music in the background is telling me anyway. Basically females ovulate when they reach puberty. And men’s sex drive increases in their twenties and then again in their forties… I don’t know about the forties stuff. But I’d guess that from the different encounters I’ve had with forty year olds. They’re all sleazy as fuck basically… And so are twenty year old men. And women, well their sex drive once again increases when they’re thirty years old. So… I’m guessing a lot of people already knew this stuff but were covering up the mysteries of life because basically it’s all one big headfuck. And who would deny a young person of the headfuck of life when that’s what makes it great. So yeah, teenage girls are crazy and so are thirty year old women. And then so are twenty year old men and so are forty year old men. One big dirty cover-up in life where nobody wants to admit that they have the answers.

That powerful sexual energy translates into some sort of super star persona. Or the sexual energy translates into some sort of energy where women and men both either fuck like bunnies or pour that energy into some other pursuit. So… You’re never a sexual match for someone your own age. Pity that… Yeah, fuck you!

Anyway, the women in their thirties are doing some crazy stuff and will be doing some crazy things at their sexual peak. Forgive them, I guess…

Here’s the second step. Men in their twenties who have spent their sexual peak will be pissed off. Extremely pissed off and they will make their plans to fuck over everyone else. I guess my own twenties weren’t that bad, I didn’t get anyone pregnant, slept with a couple of older women… It was fun I guess. I also did some stupid shit along the way. The point is the women in their thirties aren’t thinking properly, and either are the twenty year old men and forty year old men. Teenage girls aren’t either… I don’t know. What do you think dear reader?

So that’s how the gender politics goes. We piss one another off because we do stupid shit because we want to fuck basically. We can’t fuck everyone because we’d impregnate the whole world. You can’t impregnate a teen, that’s not fair on her for the rest of her life. But for a lot of people… They couldn’t give a fuck. Literally, and they’re quite pissed off about it. Their sexual peak is wasted. Or is it? Throwing it into some artistic output is never really a waste.

Anyway, the women are complaining. You can’t just give people artistic integrity or output. They basically have to earn it. I don’t know… The biological urge is all one big headfuck. And well… Would you rather rape someone or masturbate all the time?

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