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I was just thinking…

Lately I’ve been reading up a bit about spiders. Mainly as a form of totem animal in tribal law and most sources dictate that it is a figure of mystery and also a creative power. I was also reading up on different mythologies concerning spiders and found the one concerning Nareau. That was a Samoan creation myth.

It’s a scary concept, the idea that the creator of the universe may very well be a spider. But then I tied in my knowledge of the mythology of Buddhism and how the Buddha explained existence as this giant web. With jewels encrusted within. Basically the planets…

Anyway, after that I started reading up on articles concerning supermassive blackholes. Particularly this article:

Thinking about spiders with their four eyes and all, they experience the dimensions of space and time in a much more profound way than we as human beings with our limited senses can.

Tying in the article and the myth, and a basic knowledge of spiders. Y’know…. Black holes and spiders aren’t that dissimilar. Basically the article about blackholes is saying that the blackholes eat planets and emit radiation. I reckon that radiation is actually space fabric. Much like a spider spins and shits out webbing, a blackhole spins and shits out space fabric.

Space fabric is basically our three dimensions and science has hypothesized that there are dimensions beyond the three dimensions of space and time. So much like the creation myth… Space fabric is the web of existence, blackholes are the spiders who prey on the things that fall in the web and also create the web and planets are just debris or flies that have fallen into the spider’s web.

If you need a visual stimulus to imagine multiple dimensions beyond that of space fabric, simply hold two mirrors up against one another.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. A whole bunch of thinking and reading random articles… That’s what I’ve been thinking about.

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