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The paintings of Adam Karipidis


I met Adam Karipidis in 2011/2012. We were both working on novels at the time and attending Caulfield writer’s group. I was working on ‘Psychic Symphony’ and he was working on his novel ‘the evolution of the divinities’. Both of our novels included their fair share of shock value and spiritual concepts, so we got along with one another. He had just gone through a divorce at the time and was busy attempting to sort himself out. I was working in a call centre as a debt collector and he was tied up in the never ending process of paying his bills. We got along with one another because our written work was not dissimilar and we would talk at length about different writers and specifically what we believed to be the writer’s role in Australian society.

I have caught up with Adam from time to time over the years and I have followed what he’s been doing with himself through Facebook as a point of contact. I noticed for the past year he has been busy working on paintings and I was keen to catch up. So I went to his home to see his studio. He was buying paints and working on the paintings in his backyard and had been creating his own collection of works. I’ll admit it and so will he. Neither of us are educated in the world of painting or the visual art scene. We get along because we talk literature.

So I don’t exactly know how to to place it… Post modern/modern/contemporary, or who his influences were. I wouldn’t have the slightest clue. But what we did talk about was the element that produced these works. He created them, for lack of a better word, as products of stress. The detail on a lot of these paintings is quite amazing to behold. Stuck working forty hour weeks, looking after his elderly father and paying bills with no family of his own. Adam had to find some way of entertaining himself and keeping his mind occupied. At the same time releasing a lot of his life stresses through the process of creating these paintings.

We also talked about his own experiences as a writer. When he was younger he traveled around the world and used a word processor to develop a 350,000 word manuscript that was never published. I believe it was titled, ‘The Tragedy of Thomas’. And he explained to me that when you work on your earlier pieces it’s kind of like undertaking an apprenticeship in developing yourself.

We discussed the contemporary world. The fact that the writer had been somewhat displaced in his role as a celebrity within contemporary culture. Of course, he was referencing to the golden age of writing circa Paris 1920s and that sort of thing. But I confirmed the fact that the process of writing and indeed the role of the storyteller is becoming more abstract as time passes. The Millenials have popularized the video gaming world and though video games have narrative content. They aren’t exactly novels or fiction. Films and television replaced books and video games have now replaced films and television. These revolutions and trends continue to happen through out history and will continue to occur. Australian culture idolises the sport’s star and I explained this to him as best I could on the benefits of being an artist or writer. Would you rather have a stadium cheering for you or would you rather have a conversation with another individual about the work you do in a closed setting where you can walk down the street without being harassed?

Anyway, here are the paintings, have a look and for further inspection you can go to the Bentliegh RSL to check them out.

masterpiece 17

masterpiece 16 pathways in heaven


















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