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The Age of the Internet

* This is an opinion piece, I have not checked the facts and this information is solely based on the opinion of the author.


After writing short fiction for five years and hosting it through my website I have come to realise a couple of things. First of all, you can never really ascertain who your audience is. I received many comments for my blog, much more than what registered as visitors through analytics. Over the years said I had around ten thousand visitors through the website itself over the years. But I was receiving many more comments through the website than what I was receiving in any funding or financial gain. I registered the website as a premium user and in total made an amount of 0.33 US cents. Or maybe less than that. However, I was paying much more than that to use the as a host for my site.

So what is my opinion on this as a result? Well, I guess I treated it like paying for paper. A writer writes and you have to have some sort of material to convey your message. I was reaching a mass audience, I assume. But internet tools such as VPNs and other firewalls would probably block internet users from registering as site visitors.

But for the majority of that time I couldn’t afford to pay my own way. I couldn’t afford to pay for new clothes or other items of a miscellaneous nature. For international readers, let me explain this to you. Australia has a reasonable allowance for welfare users, but the cost of living in Australia is also high. Which means that doing this type of thing is not exactly a reasonable way to ensure security of my own livelihood.

Yes, I have worked. And would probably find myself in the same vocation as my previous job if not for the fact that my method of transportation had been stolen and I was travelling long distances (from Geelong to Melbourne) in an effort to stay suitably employed. So that’s why I left the previous job. Travel time and the fact that my vehicle (a motor scooter) had been stolen. and the internet is probably a lot different than what it used to be. If you take into consideration countries like India with a significantly larger population, you’ll be able to understand why tech giants and web developers will never be able to afford to pay users from these countries for their blogging articles. If wealth was accumulated by how many clicks occur on the internet then India would accumulate wealth based on its large population. India is trying to sell ‘likes’ to people on Facebook. That’s how disgusting it is. They don’t even read the material, they just have to click and like. And for many unfortunate soul, who are desperately in need of attention, they may succumb to that form of submission. Anyway, the internet probably doesn’t work in that way.

This sort of stuff probably all developed as a result of Napster and the sharing of digital materials online. There was also the dotcom crash and all of those other things. I never did like digital books, I always bought paperbacks. And I also had a substantial DVD collection as well. I probably ‘shared’ a lot of music while growing up by copying the material from someone else’s iPod. But hell! I think the entire generation of the millenials went through the same thing. And instead of spending their money on CDs and other materials, they formed drug dependencies and mental illnesses. So that was probably karma playing it’s own role in that situation. People didn’t know what to spend their money on anymore… So they partied like there was no tomorrow. In the end for a lot of people, spending money on these small articles like CDs, DVDs and paperbacks saves them from themselves. The whole age of internet piracy has thrown the world into some sort of drug fueled hell where artists lose out. Not only that, industries have suffered. Think of the recording industries, think of how many film studios went out of business, publishing houses etcetera, etcetera… And think about the methamphetamine epidemic, drugs became an epidemic worldwide because (1) People were losing their jobs. (2) People didn’t know what to spend their money on anymore. And (3) That’s what the generation came to idolize.

So the internet becomes this realm of communication. A method in which to share information and knowledge with one another. A lot of people are no longer alive because they formed drug dependencies. A lot of people suffered because they formed drug dependencies. It also becomes this predatory beast in which people, lacking the intelligence to think for themselves, seek out and use the ideas of others.

Anyway I like reading and writing because it’s the accumulation and expansion of knowledge. Knowledge provides understanding which settles the spirit. So that’s what the internet is and what happened with file sharing and internet piracy. Our generation will probably suffer because the same opportunities that were afforded previous generations were not afforded to ours.

The internet is a tool and like any tool it takes a while to learn how to use it effectively.


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