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The Spanish Snake

[The Spanish Snake, 2,689 words, Genre: Fantasy]

* Image courtesy of Martin Rumsby


It was in the time before the automobile was invented, before the industrial revolution. Before the implementation of gunpowder into arms. It was a different time and place.

The marauders had set up camp a kilometre away, on the outskirts of the small Spanish fishing village. There had been a rumour going around, held by sailors who visited the village that one of the old fisherman’s daughters held a stash of pearls. It had been confirmed that the young woman had spent ten of her twenty-five years on this planet, diving for pearls. Those ten years of diving for pearls had accumulated a small horde and a miniature fortune. That rumour had spread up and down the coast until it was heard by Daniel. Daniel was a disreputable rogue who had gathered a small band of ten men. They had set up camp and were feasting upon fish, halibut and radishes stolen from one of the local farms. On the morrow they would plunder the village with their pearls as the intended target of the bounty.

Daniel led the band, but it was Jorge, who sat down and listened to his tales as he briefed the men around the campfire of their intended target. “We don’t want to alert the local Spanish guard, there’s an encampment a few kilometres out from the village. We have enough men to overpower the local men of the village, but we don’t have enough men to overpower the guard. We want to be in that village, find the pearls and get out of the place before the guard knows what’s happening. They’re better trained and better armed than we are and if we have a run-in with them it would be a big problem. Is everyone following me?” Daniel asked of the small band of men.

Most of them weren’t listening, most of them were sharpening their small rapiers, knives or other arms instead of listening to their captain. But Jorge had listened. Jorge listened to every single word that their captain had said.

Within the hour they had all laid their heads down to rest for the night. Jorge lay on his side and watched one of the men sharpen his rapier, it looked as if he was not going to sleep that night and Jorge found it odd to watch the man sharpen a weapon that was unlikely, or not ought, to see the taste of flesh. The large brute had a peculiar twisted smile to his face as if he had just thought of something funny.

At the rising of the sun is when Jorge was awoken again. The captain kicked all the men in the sides of their gut, when a simple wake-up call would have sufficed. But Daniel was intent on making a move as quickly as possible. And with that all of the men had awoken and they all began to march towards the small fishing village. Avoiding any main roads so as not to be sighted and not to alert the nearby guard ahead of their arrival.

Jorge hadn’t slept well the previous night and the fog of fatigue lay heavy on his mind. He attempted to wake himself and bring himself into a clearer frame of consciousness by slapping himself. It didn’t work and he simply had to deal with the mental fatigue and centre his mind on attempting to be as clear headed as possible.

Within twenty minutes they were on the border of the small fishing village and could see the local fishermen preparing for their day’s tasks. Most of the fishermen had already set sail for the day. Thus, they had planned on an anticipated and as they saw the last of the men setting sail out off into the ocean, they began to storm into the fishing village yelling obscenities to gather everyone’s attention.

There were still some men in the village, mostly elderly who could no longer fish and young men who hadn’t yet started to work. One of the youths, a scraggly young boy, grabbed a harpoon from off of one of the fishing docks and ran to stop them. He charged at the men, the marauder who had been busy sharpening his rapier the night before simply stepped aside from the youth’s attack, tripped him up with his feet and when he had fallen to the floor, disemboweled the youth. It was a horror to see, but nobody else attempted to stop them and the marauders had now gathered everyone’s attention.

Daniel called out to the townspeople, “One of you here holds a small fortune of pearls. Bring it out to us and nobody else will be harmed.”

Jorge spied one of the young women running away and into the hiding of their homes. Jorge was sure it was the young woman who was hiding the stash of pearls. So he grabbed two men, the one who had killed the youth and an older one of the marauders. He told them to follow him to where she had gone.

Daniel held guard with the others and attempted to ensure that nobody made off to alert the local guard. Meanwhile, nobody noticed one of the elderly men that went to his own home and lit it on fire. They didn’t know what he was doing, but Daniel did. He was attempting to alert the guard by any means possible. Daniel ordered the other marauders to attempt to fight the fire and they all went and found buckets, making haste to carry buckets of seawater from the local docks to the fire that had engulfed one of the huts and was now spreading.

Jorge had found the young woman in one of the homes. A small one room place, the exterior made of wood, the interior had a dirt floor. Inside the home, she held a handful of pearls and stood over a small chest full of the things. Jorge began to talk, “Hand over the pearls and you won’t be harmed…”

Then the marauder, the one who had already killed the youth pushed Jorge and the older one to the side, proclaiming, “Fuck the pearls! I want the woman!”

The young woman began screaming. To which Jorge and the older one attempted to intervene. They were knocked flat by two fists from the larger man. Who then grabbed the woman by the throat, holding his rapier to her neck and proclaimed, “You’re going to do what I say and pull your skirt down right now…”

What ensued was the most despicable thing Jorge could envision, as the young woman was forced upon by this violent brute. The violent brute turned around to the other two during the act and informed them, “You can have your turn when I’m finished.”

As the brute continued on with the act, there was nothing that Jorge or the other man could do to intervene that would not end in bloodshed. The young woman was crying and bleeding as the brute threw fists into her face as she struggled against him.

Outside, the fire had engulfed half the village and the local guard had entered the village. They were busy fighting against the marauders. Of which they made short work of, some of the marauders attempted to flee, but were run down by the Spanish soldiers on horseback. When Daniel realized that he was the last one of the men outside left, he threw down his own weapon and surrendered.

The Spanish guard had heard the screams of the young woman and entered the hut and found what was happening. The brute climaxed just as they entered. Which left them all at a loss to deal with what was happening. One of the guardsmen, carrying a spear, skewered it right through the brute’s chest and as he lay dying, bleeding on top of her, more guards entered the hut.

Jorge and the older man both threw down their weapons and surrendered. That left Jorge, Daniel and the other older man at the mercy of the guard who had first beaten them all black and blue and imprisoned them within a hut, holding them there until it was known what would be done with them.


They were imprisoned for a period of four days without any food and little water given to them before it was decided what was going to be done with the three men. It was decided that three of the Spanish Guards would escort the three men to the capital, where they would be sentenced to trial, where it could be decided there what was to be done with them.

Three Spanish guards would escort the men. The men would be held captive in a makeshift cage that would be carried in-between two horses. This would carry the men to the capital. They were herded into the cage and escorted out of the town. All the time where the surrounding villagers spat and threw rocks at the three men who lay in the cage, carried in-between the two horses.

The guards were a varied type. There was the leader who held his hair in an oiled ponytail and trimmed his beard meticulously. A well groomed officer one would presume. One of the other guards was a fledging, having just completed his military training and being dispatched to the local barracks when this happened. The third of the three was a large burly man who walked oddly. One did not know why he walked oddly, one could not comment on the exact nature of how he walked, just that it was odd.

The journey would take them over a month to complete. The guards had packed enough supplies for their own journey, but the prisoners would not receive anything. As the sun bore down on the three men in the cage, receiving no nourishment they felt starved and hunger pangs began to consume them.

Jorge called out to three guards, “Can we get something to eat? Anything? Anything at all?”

To which they received a slamming of a sword against the cage that would rattle them.

“There’s no hope now, lad,” Daniel attempted to explain, “They don’t want us to survive the journey.”

“What do you mean by that?” The older man was worried sick, “What does he mean by that?”

“We’re being starved you idiot.”

That’s when the older man began to squeal out to the guards, “We want something to eat! Or at least something to drink!”

The Captain of the guard came to the cage as the two horses marched down along the road to address the issue. “Sorry, we don’t have enough supplies.”

“Not even any water?” The older man pleaded.

The captain of the guard walked away, not bothering to answer their questions. That is when the large burly man appeared by the cage. And then he began to talk, “There is one way to survive this journey.”

The three marauders had become dehydrated and fatigued in the confinements of their cage and did their best to listen. “What is it?” Jorge asked.

“You can drink my piss.”

“What!?” Daniel called out, “You’ll never see me doing that, not in a million years.”

“Then you will die. You will all die.” The large soldier replied simply.

“If I do this,” the older marauder asked, “I will live?”

“You will live.” The guard replied.

The older marauder opened up his mouth, waiting for what would come. Jorge looked to Daniel and then he looked to the other marauder. Not knowing what to do. Daniel turned his head away from them all, looking out the other side of the cage and said, “He’s probably telling the truth.”

So Jorge opened his mouth and waited for what was going to happen. The large soldier laughed and it was then revealed why he walked so funny. He pulled out his monster cock, a full twelve inches and began pissing into the two marauders open mouths. Meanwhile, the stream of urine that was directed at Daniel landed squarely at the back of his head. The large burly soldier called out to them as he pissed into their mouths, “Remember me, they call me the Spanish Snake.”

They would continue on the journey with the hot sun bearing down on all of them and the same process being done day and day again. Every time the Spanish Snake would piss into their mouths, Jorge would close his eyes and say a silent prayer that he would live long enough to see this man dead.

The younger soldier complained to the Captain of the three about what was happening. To which the Captain replied, “Well, what the fuck do you want me to do about it? We don’t have enough supplies.”

The complaints occurred more than once and with that, the argument ended with the Spanish Snake answering the question instead, “This is just what we do, we make the best of what we have and get the job done by any means.” The young soldier was still disgusted, but did not ask any more questions.

One day on the road it was found that Daniel was dead. Deceased due to dehydration. Without any liquid his carcass began to dry up. To which the Spanish Snake went up, and with a knife, cut off the fingers of the dead Daniel. “I suppose you’re both very hungry.” Both Jorge and the older marauder were in pain, lying wretched in the cage, the Spanish Snake handed them the fingers, not bothering to cook the meat, “Eat this and you will survive.”

And so they both ate their former Captain’s flesh in order to survive.

The journey wore on and slowly over time the carcass of Daniel disappeared as small parts were cut off of him and fed to the two others.

It took them three months to reach the capital by foot. The two marauders; Jorge and the older one were barely alive when they got there.


When they arrived at the capital of Madrid. The two men were clothed and fed properly. They had soiled themselves more than once throughout the journey and they needed time to recuperate so that they were fit enough to stand trial.

When the two men told them of what had happened, how the brute amongst them had killed the youth and raped the young woman, that being his actions were out of their control. The judge in a consideration of mercy sentenced them both to a life of slavery.

They were first taken to a torture chamber where their wills were broken down over several months. The Spanish Snake led the inquisition. They were starved, cut, brutalized and maimed during the process. The same words were spoken over and over again to the two men, “You love me now! I am your master! I kept you alive!”

It was difficult to know what was going on for the other man, but all Jorge could hold on to, to maintain his mind was a sentiment of revenge.

After that, when their wills were both believed to be firmly broken. The two were dressed in white cloth and trained up in the simple tasks of housekeeping.

After the two were trained, they were allotted to a royal house where they would look after one of the royalty’s homes. They had already had their wills broken and they were compliant to every order that was given to them.

At night, when they had been given time to sleep. Jorge, remembering his prayers of vengeance, went and tracked down the Spanish Snake. Taking the other former marauder with him.

They tracked the Spanish Snake down to a whorehouse where he had a reputation given his large appendage.

Jorge surprised him as he exited the establishment under the cover of darkness. Stabbing him multiple times until the Spanish Snake lay bleeding and dying in the mud outside of the whorehouse.

This is when the older former-marauder, completely changed in nature beat Jorge over the head. Stealing his knife and stabbing Jorge, calling out, “I love this man for keeping us alive!”


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