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Problems with the Gospel

[Problems with the Gospel, 927 words, Genre: Mental Health]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

The psychiatrist and Edward sat in the consultation room. They were deliberating on a problem, the psychiatrist seemed to think that Edward had  a problem. However, Edward was trying to explain that he just had difficulty coping with the world in its chaotic state. The psychiatrist, convinced after years of study that these types of psychological problems were all internal attempted to get Edward to try and approach the problem.

“Edward,” the psychiatrist attempted to explain, “I don’t think you are approaching the problem correctly.”

“The problem… You’re a fuckwit! You are an absolute fuckwit! You call yourself a doctor, but you’re a con artist. A fraud. You convince people of problems that they have a problem. You label them and because people trust you and your opinion, you create a problem for the people that you label. You are an absolute fuckwit!”

“See Edward, that’s the problem. What is wrong with you and all of this excessive rage.”

“I can’t afford to feed myself you farkin’ moron! I can’t afford to do anything! I’m sitting in a room without anything to do and because I can’t afford to do anything, I just sit there.”

“But why are you sitting there… Why aren’t you outside taking a walk in the fresh air.”

“You are a fuckwit! Let me ask you, if there wasn’t people like me in the world, would you have a job?”

“No, I wouldn’t. But why are you avoiding my question, why aren’t you taking a walk in the fresh air?”

“Because there is no point to it you idiot! You fuckin’ idiot! Why would I take a walk if I can’t afford to eat. Do you understand that if I can’t afford to feed myself, I don’t have the energy to take a walk…”

The psychiatrist remained silent.

“You realize,” Edward explained, “that you are just like me.”

“Well, I did go to university to get qualified as a psychiatrist.”

“See, that’s what I don’t like about you. You’re giving me advice and treating me like a moron, how can you possibly give me any advice if you don’t have any experience being in my situation. Why would I listen to you!? Why the fuck would I listen to you!? A man who gets paid to sit around and talk to people. Giving them medication that sedates and inhibits them so that they don’t break down in their troubled lives.”

“Yes. You are troubled. Tell me about your troubles.”

“There you go again. You’re a goddamned parasite. You actually gain an advantage of people having problems. So you create problems for people by labeling them with mental illnesses instead of addressing the issue that they have been the victim of some sort of psychological bullying. You are just like them… You know… The people who bully other people. That’s what it’s like. You get damaged or hurt and then you go to a specialist who just damages you further. Do you understand? You don’t help! You don’t help!!!”

“I see you are having anger problems, have you been taking your medication?”

“You should be shot. You and people like you. You create more problems than you have ever solved.”

“Hey, do I deserve that sort of treatment? What have I ever done to you?”

“You have taken part in a system that benefits a few individuals by giving them a liveable wage, while damning the rest of everyone to hell. You anger people with passive aggressive behaviour and you take no accountability for your actions because when people speak up against you, you dismiss people’s objections by deeming them as an unreliable source of information. You are the sick one! You are the delusional one because you take your word as the gospel of medical science.”

The psychiatrist had nothing to say.

“Nothing to say you sick fuck!”

“Let me explain something to you. I see you for an hour every month, I come in each day to see you and dozens more just like you. I have to fill out a lot of paperwork every time I see a patient and I am only able to make my interpretation of your character through these one hour sessions.”

“Let me explain something to you. I sit in my room for hours on end without any money or anything to do. I can’t work because many of the jobs have been disqualified because of my diagnosis of a mental illness. So I sit in my home, without proper nutrition because I am living on a budget, isolated without anybody visiting me. And I think about how badly I have been fucked over. And I get angry…”

“So you do have anger problems?”

That is when Edward lost it and attacked the psychiatrist. He punched him in the face a couple of times. The psychiatrist was able to push an emergency button underneath his desk and security was called. The security started strangling Edward, putting him in a choker hold until he lost consciousness.

The psychiatrist typed into his computer that the patient was suffering from problems containing his anger and prescribed him more sedatives.

There were millions of people. Just like Edward, who had all been caught up in the mental health system. The mental health system that wouldn’t exist without diagnosing thousands of people with a mental illness. A mental illness is kind of like the idea of God, some people say it exists, other people don’t. But just like the church, they are an institution and as an institution they have power.

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