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Walking to eternity

[Walking to eternity, 610 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

As he walked, Callum looked at his feet. Placing one foot in front of another. The toes of his feet first hitting the ground, followed by the ball of his foot and then the heel. It was a sleek movement. He had the grace of a cat as it slowly stalked its prey. But he was not stalking prey. He was not really doing anything apart from taking a walk.

Callum did not know where he was going; did not want to know where he was going. These were not questions that he would ask himself. He would not ask himself if there was any direction that he could go or would go given the option. He just simply walked. And as he walked; he gathered distance. Distance continued to gather as he walked. Was distance a thing? Could it be measured? Yes, it could be measured. So I suppose it would be a thing.

As he walked, he turned around corners, corners of the streets, he walked along the streets of streets and down pathways and side alleys. He did not know where he was going. He just kept on walking. Kept on moving. From street to road to alleyway and then across fields. He walked across fields because he had hit the outer limits of the city and there was nothing but fields in the outer city.

He continued to walk until he reached farmland. There were cows and sheep in the farmland. They were eating grass that had been readily grown. Readily grown by the rain coming down upon the fields. Readily grown for the seeds had been planted. Readily grown for that is how green grass grows, with rain coming down upon it, feeding it and helping each individual blade of grass break through to see the sunshine.

He continued to walk still. Through the fields, walking along fence posts… The fence was lined up along the outer edges of the fields. He walked beside it. Beside the fence posts that continued to be planted in the ground, at irregular intervals. Irregular or regular? Whoever seemed to plant the fence posts had done so at their own digression. That was, they were not an exact distance apart… They were slightly convex, that being; they were not planted at exact points. He walked past those green fields.

Until he eventually came to the beach, the ocean, where water meets land. Then, fully clothed, he submerged himself in the water. The rising tide coming up to his ankles and then his knees. He continued to walk into the water. The waves of the ocean coming and crashing in upon his stomach. His stomach that was clothed in a business shirt. Slowly he went into deeper depths. Deeper depths until he could not touch the ground. He continued walking. Continued to submerge himself in the depths of the ocean. Slowly the depths took over and the rising tide carried him off to sea.

There he drowned. And as he drowned, he went into a dream. With water filling his lungs. He engulfed the seawater and the seawater sent him dizzy. In his dream, he was walking. Walking across a vast ocean of stars and celestial entities. He was walking through the constellations, from the Southern Cross to Orion’s belt.

And as soon as Callum walked closer to the stars. He came upon one shining star, and with the power of billions of degrees of heat, was burnt up in the blink of an eye. It was quite a walk that Callum took, from humble beginnings, to be burnt up in the eyes of fire that gleamed with great heat.


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