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Look, a new one

[Look, a new one, 802 words, Genre: Realistic Fiction]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Sarah had worked at a chain franchise burger restaurant. She had a smile, a set of tits and an attitude that was too eager to serve. From day to day she would take customer’s orders, serving out burgers and chips, soft drink and beers. As customers ordered their food, someone else would cook it on the grill and she would serve the food with a smile, asking, “Is there anything else that I can help you with?”

She would smile, she would frame her face and she would laugh at all the stupid jokes that the customers made. Jokes like, “Can I have some chips with that sauce.” She would turn her head to the side and laugh.

Her tits would perk and jiggle as she moved from area to area servicing the customers. To which such actions and the jiggling of titties would not go unnoticed. The customers with their stupid jokes. What exactly were they trying to achieve? A free jostle and tug off in the restrooms? Sarah did possess intelligence where the customers, through an all pervading loneliness that descends upon humanity in its lack of human connection, were attempting to reach out on the most base level. Having no understanding of Sarah or her character, they would be integrating with an artificial robot. A cardboard cutout of the burger joint’s branding campaign.

And while at work she had been just that. A cardboard cutout of a marketing campaign that offered the latest in fast food cuisine. That was, it branded itself as gourmet fast food. Gourmet? Gourmet? What does it even mean? Gourmet is defined in the dictionary as, ‘a connoisseur in the delicacies of the table; an epicure.’ When really what it was, was this: in a slaughterhouse far away a cow would stand in a yard, full of cow shit and other faeces. Animals defecating themselves as they smelt death all around them. The cow would then be slaughtered in the most humane way possible. That was, it was a quick death. Which suited those running the slaughterhouse as satisfactory as a quick death was the most efficient way of delivering their product. Their product being flesh. Meat. You can see an example of flesh by grabbing one of your own limbs and squeezing. That, that is flesh. From there they would take the meat to an area where the flesh would be packaged. Once packaged it would be taken out to the world for consumption. Consumption like the gourmet burger chain that Sarah worked in. The flesh, along with other ingredients would be put up on a grill. A grill operating at a temperature that would sear and scald the flesh until you had the desired product. Which was a burger. Tightly wrapped in two buns and a variety of vegetables and other ingredients. A special mayonnaise sauce that was produced in large vats that was produced en masse and shipped off to the different burger chains throughout the country. Who knows what some pissed off employee would do with one of those large vats of sauce; spitting in them, pissing in them… Who knows? That, that was gourmet.

But as the customer stared at Sarah. They didn’t have to think about all of that behind the scenes work. They just had to take the quick glimpse at her jiggling titties, the overwhelming smile and the chirpy voice beaming with positivity and satisfaction. Meanwhile, in Sarah’s life, she had to deal with the same things as everyone else did. A perverse society that objectified her as a sexual object. Trying to pay the rent, having to cook her own food, getting by. And lest not forget the copious damage to the brain through alcoholism, anxiety pills prescribed by her doctor and a disposition towards self-destruction.

Sarah worked in her job for a numerous period of years. After those years. Lines started to appear on Sarah’s face as the aging process took effect. One day, her manager said that they had to let her go. Why? The reason was that there was some sort of process that she didn’t follow, forgot to follow, whatever it was… And so Sarah emptied her staffroom locker and left.

She went in a couple of weeks later and ordered herself a burger, just to say hello to her old colleagues. Behind the counter was another girl; younger, chirpy and full of pip and vigour. Full of pip and vigour just like Sarah had been when she started. Her old colleagues ignored her presence. She quietly left the gourmet burger restaurant and sat down on a park bench. As she sat there for the next couple of hours, she thought to herself, ‘What the hell am I meant to do now?’ Over and over and over and over and over again…


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