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The bloody government

[The Bloody Government, 661 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

‘The government, the bloody government.’ It had been a catch cry of the Australian people for a long time. And with good reason. Because once you deconstructed reality and faced the reality of human beings as an animal, when you deconstructed the structures of society that gave support to other individuals. Then you came to the shocking truth that all institutions were bleeding humanity dry. The government had set up a tax on every saleable item that there was. Every time you bought something you were paying them. The very fact of existence had become a commodity and you had to pay to do anything.

That is why, for the most part, people sat at home smoking bongs in front of the television. For every time that they attempted to do something the government was holding out its hand for its cut in what would be a profitless endeavour.

You had to pay to drive a car. You had to pay to drive down a road. You had to pay to sell something. The world had reached a fascist plateau and as long as this type of venture continued, then nothing would ever be done, nothing would be achieved and humanity would be stuck in a rut of self-destructive behaviour and largely lacking opulence.

And what was the government in the end? When you cut down the root of existence down to its animal based mentality then you found that they were a group of animals, clothed in expensive suits with ties, still naked underneath. Underneath all that high cut cloth they were still naked. They still had to bathe to wash the excrement of guilt from their dirty consciousness. Not that they had a dirty consciousness. For everything that they should feel guilty for they were severed from feeling the roots of their humanity throughout. They had chosen their group of fellow contenders, of fellow compatriots. Amongst men who wrote the laws and directed the country to a set of ridiculous tasks. For every task is ridiculous once you cut through the muck of contestable virtues. Contestable virtues being jobs or vocations. Tasks and schedules. Things that people do in order to achieve something or promote a sense of worthwhile endeavour. That is what people chose to do with their lives in the end for the vast majority largely lacked any effect on the world. It was a series of systems and pullies in order to keep the driving forces of humanity rolling. However, at the basest values, in the end, all people required to live was food in their stomachs and a roof over their head. In the end what people chose to do with their lives lacked any real adverse effects on the continuation of the human species. Perhaps fucking, yes fucking, and breeding would always continue the long line of people into the disposed fate of humanity. Whatever direction humanity would end up taking itself.

And the government. The people who worked for the government. They would order soldiers to kill men and women in foreign countries, they would tell you one thing and do another. And that is because in the end, the government, the bloody government wasn’t human. They had lived different lives in which they collected their nice and tidy pay cheque, gone home and raised families of their own. They didn’t understand what it was to live any other life apart from their own. They were completely apathetic to the plights of everyone else. Because they were paid well, were continuously supported by everyone around them and had everything they needed. How could they, living these lives, understand any other life apart from the life they lead? They were stuck in their own world. As everyone is. For equality to ever exist everyone had to be doing the same thing. And nobody was ever doing the same thing. Everyone was different. Chaos will perpetually evolve and the government will always be the government.


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