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An assumption drawn on the life of Lewis

[An assumption drawn on the life of Lewis, 724 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Ever since the controversy of Lewis Carroll, and the argument of Carroll’s life coming into speculation that he was a repressed paedophile, Edward had found himself exploring the writings of C. S Lewis. The two Lewises, often confused because of the namesake, were both literary giants. Carroll because of his children’s classic, ‘Alice’s adventures in wonderland’, and Lewis because of the famed ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ amongst other titles. There was some state of ignorance involved. Usually because these sorts of things would be passed through conversation amongst readers without any real investigation. The difference was, between the two figures, quite a bit. However, not many people delved that deeply or were that interested in the contemporary or even monolith giants of the literary community. When you went into bookstores, the individuals involved in such a workforce, saw it as a job that paid the bills. The customer service and sales of books were a simple operation of the cash registers. And as long as the cash continued to roll in, the managers of such establishments didn’t care too much to know otherwise.

In spite of the controversy, Edward was determined that C. S Lewis’s reputation or his books were pulled out of circulation because of the ignorance involved. And so with what little money Edward had, he would be forever purchasing and collecting the works of C.S Lewis until a point of differentiation could be made.

Edward bought another novel by C. S Lewis. He had been a regular of the bookshops in the area as he cherished the activity of reading. As he brought the book across the table, the clerk behind the desk eyed him suspiciously. Word travels around and in the literature community people had come to question his motifs. Perhaps they were aware of the ignorance involved and thought he was ignorantly buying the material because he was interested in that sort of thing… He was not interested in that sort of thing! He despised that sort of thing. He would not become vilified because of other’s ignorance. Ignorance of him, ignorance of the difference between the Lewis and Carroll, ignorance of all sorts.

But perhaps then… It was all in his head. He did often jump to conclusions and others have seemed to jump to conclusions around him. This was the world and in the world assumptions are made. Assumptions of idiocy, assumptions of stupidity and assumptions of ignorance. He too was making an assumption of thinking that the staff of the bookstores were making their assumptions. Oh, what catastrophic irony, he was living in a world of suspect nature. A world of supreme diligence involved in the character of the human being, that is, his paranoia was in overdrive. The truth of the matter was, even if they thought his motifs suspect, they could not interfere. It was like a game of football. Spectators rarely got involved apart from the occasional streaker who became a nuisance.

Perhaps he was an idiot for drawing upon himself so many assumptions. He had once read in some philosophy that by dictation of logic, one cannot draw assumptions. That the very act of drawing assumptions was illogical. The example being, if one murderer wears glasses, then you cannot draw the conclusion that all murderers wear glasses. It is illogical. It is an illogical assumption.

However, in contempt of that argument the world is full of assumptions. You must assume something or other in order to take action upon it. In crucial periods you must make an assumption of the world based on the information you have been allotted, or that has entered your mind. In order for action to take place, an assumption must be drawn. One must assume, otherwise no action will take place. In any action, you are either assuming one thing or another. To believe one thing, you must assume it. Therefore, everything is an assumption. Even the line of philosophical reasoning that points out the illogical reasoning of assumption is another assumption. So… Well, we must assume in order to take action in this world of complexities.

However… In the end, I don’t think the staff at the retail bookstore cared enough to think about all of that. A book is a book and the sale of a book supports the business… Or perhaps that was another assumption.


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