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Wild like the wind

[Wild like the wind, 432 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Life is like the wind. You must breathe it in and exhale it to appreciate the direction it takes you. You are spun this way and that, in all different directions. And for this we are directed on a path that only life can take you. Because life seems to take you in all different directions. One day the wind is blowing one way, the next day, the wind changes direction and we are thrown into an abrupt and catastrophic, sometimes violent, direction.

The wind, the wind, the wind. The wind is wild. And it is for that that we must learn to breathe. To breathe in some air and let it take us where it pleases. Remember, you do not control the wind. The forces of great reckoning in one’s life are beyond one’s control. Everyone is at the mercy of the wind.

It is difficult to tell who is stronger when it comes to the wind. The feather or the stone. For the feather will catch a flight in the wind and go where the wind takes it. The stone will stay put until the wind becomes a gale and it is forced to move. The stone is always grounded. The feather falls and is blown in the air, yet the feather does not seem to mind.

The stone would crush the feather if it had a chance. But for the sake of the great forces that be. The feather is always up in the air and is protected by the wind. The wind protects the feather. So light, so fragile, so delicate. The stone remains on the ground. A pebble beneath a rock.

Perhaps the wind is controlled by the feather, or the wind has a love affair with the feather. It is always blowing this way and that, giving the feather a great and grand adventure. But the stone remains on the ground. A pebble beneath a rock, that lays on the cool grass.

We will never understand the wind. Why it blows this way and that. Perhaps it does it for the benefit of the feather, perhaps not. But the wind blows this way and that. Nobody really understands why it does that.

Do you think the feather cares? It is grand and grateful for the journey provided. The way the wind blows. Always taking it this way and that.

So wait for the wind to pick you up and beneath your wings it will take you on a journey. Who knows where. Maybe to love and laughter, but in the end is always death and despair.


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