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The problems of my generation

[The Problems of my Generation, 530 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

The problem of my generation can be accounted in one invention and my generation’s adaptation to that invention. The invention being that of the internet.

With access to a globalized network of information, temptation was laid at the feet of every student of any educational organisation. With this temptation, students and the global populous lost the ability to think for itself. Instead of being able to think, create and design original and fresh concepts. All individuals had to do in order to obtain a passing grade in their educational coursework was to regurgitate information rather than think for themselves. Plagiarism and regurgitation of information became a mass conscripted activity. This was in no large part accentuated by the ideology, prescribed by the arts and humanities that, “Originality is dead, everything has been done before.” This is problematic because humanity progresses as age and time’s progression is inevitable. Technology is evolving, every aspect and every part of life is evolving. The idea that originality is dead is equivocally false as long as time and events continue in their progression.

This became increasingly a problem as individuals who were attempting to use their mind to think were competing with those who had already acquired a matured state of mind and learning. In this respect individuals were rewarded for plagiarising materials. With such corruption occurring, the regurgitation of information being rewarded, those who were truly bright in their thought vocabulary were punished.

The problem in the education system is as thus: without instructing or equipping individuals to think for themselves, they are laid bare to the realities of the world and lack the experience or ability to deal with real world problems. Because of this, the current generation is ill equipped to deal with the problems of previous generations. As for the problems of the previous generations, problems will always occur, as that is part of the imperfect nature of human beings.

The education system should place more combined effort in instructing the individuals of tomorrow to think for themselves rather than relying upon advances in technology to dictate their behaviour.

This in essence is the problem. Instead of using our brains to resolve our problems we are consistently relying upon technology to do this for us. The problem encountered is that most of our problems stem from our imperfect nature as human beings and our own dualist inner war within ourselves. We cannot attempt to resolve these problems with technology other than technology acting as some sort of tool.

Literature, opinion and above all; communication, should be used as tools to resolve these problems. If we do not begin to learn from other country’s cultures, then we will never account for a systematic approach to learning and ability for growth.

Individuals should not be forced to compete with one another with a reward system of grading. The instruction of competition allows for malices and adversities to evolve. Feedback should be given to equip students with the fundamental tools of learning. However, what an individual learns is essentially dependent on the student.

Summarily; competition becomes a problem in education because in a competition people will use whatever means that they can to win.


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