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Rape culture

[Rape Culture, 793 words, Genre: Realistic Fiction]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

They were teenagers at the time. Idiots without any experience in the ways of the world. Living a life of reckless abandon. Exploring the world of substance abuse and all of its different facets. Stupid fools gallivanting about and proudly proclaiming that their dick was larger than the next boys. Caught up in testosterone filled adventures. It would have continued on like this, harmless fun, causing no damage but to themselves. One night while drinking at a gathering. They all received some news.

Someone’s brother had raped a girl. In his efforts to tally a score in his adherence to the rules of masculinity and sexual conquest, he had raped a girl. Law would have dictated that if this was reported to the police then the individual involved would have gone to jail, served his sentence and paid penance for his crimes. This wouldn’t have been a problem. The problem was that the father of the girl involved was a criminal. A hard man who was operating outside the laws of society. If the boy involved served his time he would have been killed in prison as recompense for the crime. Killed before being brought to justice or killed while justice was served. The outcome would have been the same.

The young teenagers panicked. They did not know what to do. Any utterance of truth would have caused problems of a vicious cycle of revenge. If the boy was killed, the family would react and act outside of law. Violence begets violence and revenge is a vicious cycle that once initiated increases in its intensity. The boy was young, had not lived his life and it was a mistake as all mistakes are.

One of the friends who had been drinking himself to oblivion in facing his own demons. Excreting vomit from his mouth at regular intervals, which had been his custom in all social gatherings. The friend was extremely bright, although plagued with demons of his own. He had withdrawn to a room to rest and recover from another bout of binge drinking.

When they approached this friend with the problem. Who was clearly intelligent, he thought and thought of the solution to the problem. His imagination was large enough to account for the scope of the problem. His solution, “We convince the girl that rape culture is a thing.”

“How the fuck do we do that?”

“We create a culture of rape.”

And so it was organised that they would find the girl and get her to talk to this individual. This obscure, profound oddity and freak of human nature.

And so the girl was brought forth. And the friend talked about the culture of rape. Rape culture has been part of society ever since immoral men competed with one another in terms of sexual conquest. It is a variation of sexual intercourse and some individuals partake in it in order to pass on their genes. He somehow managed to convince her that rape was just another part of this horrible world that we live in. And it’s true, rape exists, and it has been described in various cultural forms throughout the ages.

The two convalesced and formed a bond. They had both been damaged by the world and a bond was formed. They went back into the house and made love to one another. The individual attempted to destroy all of the damage that had been done to the girl, destroy the harsh memories of the violence that had been committed and replace them with memories of love and purity. It was his attempt to wash away the destruction that had been caused by the idiocy of youth.

Children often inherit the sins and bare the problems of their parents. The girl’s struggle was to live with the confusion of what had occurred. The individual from that point on, began the process of pulling himself together and rejoining society in his interlude of criminal activity and drug abuse. The realisation of where his life was heading, the life of an addict, caused him a point of self-realization and he began to repair the aspects of his shattered life and rejoin society in a meaningful way. Punishing himself to the nth degree and making amends for his mistakes. Attempting to make the world a better place in ways that he could apply himself.

The individual led a path of recovery and learning from the idiocy of youth. Some followed and some remained. Some even thought that they were heroes by partaking in the creation of rape culture. By attempting to create a culture of rape. They continued in their drug abuse and didn’t realise that with or without their input, the harsh realities of the world and rape culture would continue.


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