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Drugs and society

[Drugs and Society, 721 words, Genre: Drug Fiction]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Society has always had a problem with drugs. Namely because everyone suffers and experiences emotional pain. During the course of adolescence and the course of early adulthood people suffer from emotional pain at different levels. They suffer emotional pain, because through their period of growing into an adult, individuals are attempting to handle and develop their emotions and understandings of the world. A lot of people have difficulty in the world because the world is a difficult place. There are monsters out there, greedy, selfish beings who abuse others for self gain. They take advantage of other people’s weaknesses in an effort to gain status and advantage over others. In this period where people compete against one another there is a lot of confusion and disorder amongst the people. People draw lines and attempt to abuse one another for personal gain. Personal gain can be through status or simple pleasure or gratification of the senses. In this period while people fight amongst one another, they make enemies and friends.

There is a lot of confusion and pain for the individuals during this period. For this pain that occurs, individuals sometimes resort to drug use in an effort to mask their pain or better cope with their emotional pain and insecurities. Drug use can be seen in the impoverished people of society because they are more likely to suffer through cases of domestic abuse, difficulties and arguments occurring over finances in family disputes because of their impoverished status and because the cycle of poverty is generally recurring, these problems occur in a cyclical fashion that are inherited from generation to generation. One is essentially paying for the sins of their fathers and ancestors as an impoverished state of being is inherited from generation to generation, as well as the behavioural problems that occur in the cycle of poverty.

Drug abuse and substance abuse are generally found in the impoverished classes. These result in masking the emotional pain and growing pains found in adolescence. If, for example, one feels unwanted or unloved or are not gaining the acceptance of their peers, they will resort to drug use in an effort to supplement their social interactions. Drug use and drug abuse becomes a problem for social interactions because what occurs is individuals gathering in a social arrangement of habitual drug use. Plainly stated; people gather together for the pleasure of the drugs and not for social companionship. This is often a temporary solution that others experience through social isolation. With drug use, individuals find themselves in the company of others and this satisfies a social need.

For many adolescents who have suffered from problems of dysfunction within their family due to financial stresses, they often resort to drug use in an effort to mask their emotional pain that has occurred through their difficulties of either trauma and sexual abuse at a younger age, or coming from a socially dysfunctional family that are caught up in the cycles of poverty. These traumatic events are either problems within the cycle of poverty and sometimes those who have benefited from the class structure are made targets of the lower classes and suffer trauma through this manifestation of the class war that occurs in society at a subconscious level.

As long as the class war exists, as long as the cycles of poverty continue, as long as individuals struggle for pleasure and gratification rather than self-development; you will never eradicate the problem with drugs. It is only human to seek pleasure and gratification of the senses and requires high levels of self-control to do otherwise. Human beings in their adolescence and youth do not have self-control and have not matured to the point where they can practice self-control. Thus, you will never solve the problem with drug and substance abuse as drug culture is part of youth culture.

This becomes a problem of ascertaining truth and certainty of a situation because individuals who do not admit to their drug or substance abuse often claim that the problems of poverty; are stupidity and disillusionment amongst the lower classes in an effort to maintain their position of power. This in itself shows no ability of self-control in laying blame on the lower classes, but is a statement of the corrupt world that we inhabit and the corrupt nature of humanity.


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