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Proud to be a loser

[Proud to be a loser, 539 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

He was a loser. Some would call him retarded. But he was proud to be a loser. For he would forever be representing losers and joining their cause, fighting for their rights and through this he was bettering himself. He was not a loser in the strictest sense. In reality he was the best there was. And because he was the best, he always found himself joining the losing side in any conflict or debate. The rule of majority rules was a decisive one. He would find himself joining the lesser, the losers, those that could not speak for themselves. He represented their values and their opinions. For winners have no problem in representing and asserting themselves. Losers though, losers are forever being oppressed and culled because of their opinion.

He would join the losing side. Even if that meant a life without luxuries and the prizes afforded the winners. He did so because, regardless of the argument, he found an opportunity in the betterment and practice of his own art. There was always the opportunity for self-improvement while being a loser, where the winner would find themselves stagnant in their progression as there was no challenge represented.

Eventually he would win the argument, win the war and the battle would be done. At which point he would swap sides to represent his shattered opponents and the disenfranchised. He got by on small favours, even losers were afforded small victories.

He was a mercenary, offering his services to the disenfranchised. Simply because he saw the fight, the struggle, as that which was beneficial to his own development. Finding himself in a different world where values were reversed, he would fight against the values he currently represented.

Eventually, in his struggle and his war, he would win. At which point he would reverse his opinion and take on the opposing point of view.

He was the best there was and ultimately he chose the station of a loser in his life. That was, of course, because by being the loser, it was the only way in which he could continue developing himself and fulfil his potential as a human being.

He was content in his station as a loser, because every so often a small victory would occur. And those small victories pile up and lead to ultimate victory.

Ultimately, in all arguments, it comes to a position of being selfless over self-gain. And that which is true today, are lies tomorrow. Those who win and gain power, may win, but eventually they make mistakes and become losers. Everyone who maintains power always makes mistakes. And therefore the only way to be correct is to be the loser. The loser is always correct. For the winner always fumbles in their argument or way of life because the world is imperfect. Everyone who wins makes mistakes and they are catastrophic in their outcome, the only way to truly win was to perpetually lose.

He was the best there was and because he was the best, he perpetually lost. Because the world was imperfect and would continue to be imperfect, those that win are losers and the losers are the best there are.

He was a loser and proud to be one.


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