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Into the woods

[Into the woods, 894 words, Genre: Adventure]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

A group of friends went out to play in the woods one day. Young as they were, they were full of pep and vigour. With the reckless abandon of youth they ran wild and free. Playing in the trees, throwing stones into a river, all accomplishments were that of fun and adventure. They continued to play, running from one area of the woods to another. Their games becoming more intricate and complicated as the stakes were raised, as they sought more highs in their games of dangerous adventure.

Then, one of the children, whilst climbing a tree, did place her foot upon unstable footing. The branch that she thought sturdy, snapped upon the transition of her weight. From the tree she did stumble and fall towards the ground. At the bottom, a bedrock, and when she landed, she landed on her back. She called out in pain and all the other children did gather around.

There was much muss and fuss about the children as they circled around Cara. The girl who had fallen. Keith, her best friend, was quite unsettled. For nobody knew what to do, yet they all meddled.

“A back’s a back,” Keith did point out, “Once it’s gone you’re done. This broken bone will not mend. These games we have been playing are done and have come to an end.”

Cara cried, “The pain, it’s thorough, though I will repair. I should not of climbed that tree upon a dare. I know I will not be as before. Please friends, give up these games and help me in my chore.”

Ben, the leader of the pack, did then say, “Nonsense. It sounds like a bore. It is a pity for you. But our games are just beginning, though I admit for you, they’re done and through.”

The other children did cheer, for Ben offered them a way that they could continue their fun and games. At no penalty to himself or the others. Calling chores lame, Ben dismissed Keith’s argument, claiming that the two were lovers.

Keith, defending Cara, did argue back, “What are you proposing we do? To leave Cara here cold and alone! You monster! You cretin! Without these fun and games you propose we play, Cara would never have the difficulty she now finds in her way.”

“I am no cretin,” Ben defended, “But a lover of life. If Cara has a problem, that’s no business of mine. Or any of theirs’. The truth is that nobody cares. Life is all about fun and adventure and living life to its highs. The fun and adventure will continue, to this I make no compromise. Follow me people, to the world where fun and adventure never ends.” And then with the others left Ben.

Cara cried out, “No Ben! Don’t leave me. I’ll get better, you’ll see.”

But Ben and the other children did run away. Leaving Cara and Keith to their own dismay. Cara continued to cry and Keith came to comfort, “They can have their fun and games. We have something better. Friendship and love. I promise I’ll take care of you, you believe me don’t you?”

“Yes,” Cara cried, “But he’s right. A life without fun and adventure is no life worth living.”

Keith thought about this. Although he did not feel the same, he was a practical boy, composed in his own brain. Then he pointed out, “Oh, there will be fun and adventure. Though of a different kind. You will come to like them, these adventures of mine.”

Keith started to build a house in which they could both take shelter. He learnt how to do so, although progress was slow. He made many mistakes and told them to Cara. Cara laughed and enjoyed herself, for Keith’s adventures were a barrel of laughs, Keith enjoyed himself for he was learning a craft. For these mistakes Keith made, were jokes at his own expense. Tales of his own adventure at Cara’s inquest.

Cara enjoyed herself and together she and Keith, created many games that they could still play, even with Cara’s back in such a disarray. From time to time they thought of the others and what had happened to them. They created stories and fables, all of them about this monster called Ben. As time progressed they all grew into women and men.

The truth of the matter was that the others went to go on to play their dangerous games. Each game more dangerous than the last. All the children thought that they were having a blast. But one by one, they came into a circumstance like before. Injured beyond repair and the games for them came to an end, the incident had set a dangerous precedent down in law. All Ben had to do was call out, “Fun and adventure forever.” And the other children would leave their sick and injured friends behind and come hither. Each one would die sick and alone, reminded of Keith’s argument, and for this they would moan.

It got down to the last. Where Ben came to find himself in the forest all alone. And forever may he roam. For fun and adventure is with friends, and for this, his adventure had come to an end.

Whereas Keith and Cara lived an adventure of their own. By creating games, intrigues and a place they called home.


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