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[Milk, 639 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Every week at the supermarket the milk gets delivered. It gets stocked on its shelves and put up for sale. They stock the milk with the best before dates. And then it sits there. Different people buy the milk. They go through the shop, doing their shopping, most people buy milk. Milk, for all intensive purposes is a multi-facilitated item. It can be used on and mixed with cereal, it can be added to a cup of coffee or tea and some people even drink it straight. Whenever someone goes to the supermarket, they usually buy milk. It is a popular item by all accounts. They have to order a lot of milk to allow for the supply to meet the demand.

The career woman. Who is meant to work a forty hour week, but usually puts in overtime and so it’s more like a seventy hour working week. At the end of the day, as she’s driving home from work. Feeling like shit because she’s probably under appreciated in her work role, as she’s grinding twelve hour days, six days a week. At the end of the day she stops off at the supermarket and buys a one litre carton of milk. She might use it for her coffee in the morning or might have a warm glass of it before she goes to sleep. She buys the milk.

Then there’s the carpenter by trade. He may not be working long hours, but when he’s working, he’s working hard. In the morning he buys some milk and has it with him during the day. He needs the protein from the stuff to help replenish his strength and so that his muscles can grow. He buys milk, loves the stuff.

Then there’s the single mother with three kids. The kids go through cereal like nobody’s business. Little fuckers are always eating cereal. Before school, after school. Cereal-aholics. Always eating cereal. Shit that’s so full of sugar that they’ll be running up dangerous dental bills when they grow older. She buys milk. She has to in order to keep the gluttonous little bastards eating their cereal.

The milk itself comes from cows. Thousands of the things being milked every day through these god damned automated milking machines. It’s probably not a bad thing. If a cow isn’t milked it becomes quite irate. From there the milk goes into a giant vat and then they probably chuck in some preservatives to increase it’s longevity. Then it gets bottled. Bottled and shipped off to thousands of supermarkets across the country. The milk delivery arrives in the supermarket. They unload the crates and put the stuff onto the shelves. Within the chilled section where it sits there, waiting to be bought.

Milk, even though it’s perhaps the most popular item within the supermarket and everyone buys it. It doesn’t all get sold. Some milk sits there on the supermarket shelves and never gets bought, it passes it’s used by dates and they have to throw it out. To meet the demand they have to have more in supply. Ever wondered what happens to the milk that nobody buys?

In the back rooms behind the chilled compartment. There supermarket attendants throw the stuff out. They kick it around on the floor. They empty it out and laugh and say, “Yeah, fuck this milk. Nobody bought it. What a useless piece of shit this milk is.” Then they open up the milk and stick their dicks into the bottle of milk and literally fuck the milk. And they yell out, “Yeah, fuck this milk! What a useless piece of shit this milk is!” And then they gyrate against the milk with their groins. Fucking the milk. The milk goes everywhere and creates quite a mess. That’s what they do with the milk that nobody buys.


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