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Finding a balance

[Finding a Balance, 506 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

It is difficult to find a balance, always has been and always will be. Where individuals are concerned and the dichotomy of human relationships. You have those who have undergone human sufferings and know of the injustices of the world. These are the people that understand. They do not label you as crazy, having undergone their own mental distresses, knowing full well that your weirdness and eccentricities are what protect you from injustices in a cruel world. Unfortunately, for the abuse that they have suffered, the people who understand are also, like you, self-destructive in nature. Then there are those of the privileged, these are people who have no understanding of you since they have not undergone any significant trauma. Finding company in these social groups can be just as repressive as self-destructive behaviour. Having no understanding of the cruelty of the world they will treat you like an idiot, in complete denial of harsh realities and the internal war that you are fighting. In either group or grouping you find yourself at odds with those around you, for one offers you a pathway in which to destroy yourself and the other represses you as a failure. Balance can be found, but only in solitude or the channeling of expression through a creative vocation. This allows you to release negative elements of the abuse you have suffered, releasing these energies without destroying one’s self.

Control of one’s temperament is always an issue and for this you face solitude and hope of prevailing against the odds of external forces. In the end, there is no victory, but the fact that you continue fighting is essential enough to your character that when you are defeated, at last, by inevitable death, you will be honoured amongst both friends and enemies.

In essence the role of the prison guard and prisoner is reversed. For one admits or is forced to admit there to being a problem that dwells within. The prison guard looks on at the prisoner and tells himself that he is glad he has his freedom, whereas the prison guard does not realise that the prison he faces are within the trappings of his own mind. When confronting this the prison guard must be careful that in the purpose of obtaining his freedom, he does not place himself objectively within the prison. The prisoner on the other hand has absolute freedom, for within his mind, this is all he can obtain through confrontation of unfortunate circumstances. Each has a freedom that the other does not know. For the purpose of balance, how can one overcome the other?

For the purpose of balance. The writer or the visionary, the artist, maintains balance. They do so by breaking free of the constraints placed upon their minds the same way that of a prisoner does when forced by unfortunate circumstances. The artist maintains balance by that of finding a way of functioning outside of the prison, being able to balance freedom in both society and the trappings of their own mind.


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