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Advice to rare jewels

[Advice to Rare Jewels, 533 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

He was tortured his whole life. And for this he was a diamond in the making. That which those around him sensed, they seethed inside and despised him for it. What was it? Why did they choose to make him suffer through no fault of his own. All it was, was a condition of birth. Some rare alignment of the stars that was fated or pre-destined for some path of obscurity not yet walked. They hated him for it, they all hated him for it. At first the hate came through like malice on the wind. Sparingly. Then they punished him, they drilled his arse to the floor. They hit him. They spat on him. Because apparently his fate was one that called for this sort of abuse.

Why is it, one may ask, that the sparkle of the diamond shines as bright as it does? It has been dug up from the Earth and all the other rocks around it wish to tarnish its glitter. A rare rock. A ruby. An opal. An emerald. It is pulled out from amongst the rocks. And all the other rocks pale in significance to its brilliance. The hatred of all those around it. Because they are but common rocks. A dime a dozen, or less than. They turn their back upon its shine. They muster up hatred and vileness of all that they can describe. Every one of their defects, they look and in jealousy and pity they strike out.

For those who are born of a rarity. Concentrated in pain will your path become. No friends or too few, and those that you have, they spit on you. The world makes its attempts to break you. Those around you wish to shit all over you. Because the shine or gleam that you capture when held up to the sun, trapped in envy everyone else becomes.

And so as they spit on you. As they butcher and bully you. Remember this if you survive, they did so out of jealousy because you damaged their pride. They’ll turn you to hatred and envy, to make you feel this for them. Best as I can describe it, it’s their hate and envy that they force upon you. Despicable little creatures they are. So common a rock, that they manipulate the odds in their favour, and for you they mock.

But sit back and laugh. Once this is done, you made it at last. They disguise themselves in splendour, to hinder your shine. All of their efforts are a pile of crap, paled in comparison to your shine. So shine on you jewel, you diamond, you unique mind. They may have money and status because their cruelty is sublime. But what you have is something far in advance of that, a soul for eternity as eternity prescribes.

Life’s a riot and a laugh, to have to put up with all of this crap. When everyone wants money, they may get it too. Look at your empty hand, do you see what you hold? The universe in its entirety because your imagination shines like a diamond, through the shit and upheaval, you’ve staved it all off through and through.


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