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Crab vampires from the underground

[Crab Vampires from the Underground, 497 words, Genre: Environmental/Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

The world hadn’t done anything about global warming. It was disastrous. Conditions outside were surpassing temperatures sustainable for living outside during the daylight. People didn’t know what to do. They had failed in protecting their living environment. Mankind’s time as the dominant species on the planet had come to an end. Partially. That is to say that the human race would go on. It would just have to change the way it went about living. The environment had changed, but the human race had not evolved on a physical level to be able to live with the changes in conditions of heat.

And so what people did, in reaction to this catastrophic change in temperature was to burrow under the ground. Underneath the Earth’s surface, they built giant dwellings so that the species could continue to live on. Above ground life would continue to live on, evolving in reaction to the erratic changes in temperature. And plant life would continue on because it’s evolution was of a physical nature, whereas human evolution was of a purely mental nature.

Within these underground dwellings, some people would come up to the Earth’s surface at night. To take samples of the plant and animal life that was evolving above ground. Like Greek mythology, the human race had descended down to the underworld. There to live in hell for all eternity.

People would journey to the Earth’s surface at night. Only to find themselves scrambling back to the underground dwellings at the first signs of daylight. Like vampires cursed by the intense temperatures of the sun.

Like crabs, climbing from their holes at dusk. To busy themselves collecting vital resources during the night, only to have to descend into their homes during the day. And their homes, well, they were like shopping malls. Giant rows of stores selling useless crap that nobody needed. It was a difficult reality to face, but it was a reality. Or what reality will eventually become.

The sun was too intense and nobody could stand up to the economic drive that had resulted in the Earth’s demise. That was, it was inevitable, this fate of mankind. To dwell underground, to live their lives in shadow as they had once often antiquated the demons of their own mythologies. The demons had won. The demons had seized the souls of mankind and corrupted them with articles of wealth and pleasure and all things in excess. And seeing as the demons had seized control of the people. The people became demons. The things of nightmares that people were once afraid of. That was the fate of the human race. Always has been and always will be. There is no avoiding that.

The things they’ll see, the things they’ll do. These monstrous leeches of the planet Earth. Living underground in their artificially lit shopping malls. And at night they scramble up onto the Earth’s surface to play in the darkness as a former shadow of what their race once was.


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