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The system

[The System, 823 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

He was once a billionaire. He had spent his life gambling, attempting to find a system that would beat the casinos. He had flushed his entire fortune attempting to beat their system. Attempting to figure out his own system that would beat theirs’. But their system was perfected to a tee. Every game was calculated so that the odds were stacked in the casino’s favour. No matter how large the bet was, no matter how small the bet was, the casino would always win. He racked his brain attempting to find a system that would beat theirs’.

He was now penniless and poor. He had no money left to play the casino games anymore. But he was pissed off. So pissed off that he would not give up on his attempt to figure out a system that would beat theirs’. He developed a habit for alcohol. And in that, became an alcoholic. He cursed the casinos at bars, at how they had robbed him and how one day, he would get them back.

One night, in a fit of alcoholic despair, he came up with the solution. The way to beat the casinos. Their whole system, the gambling system, was based on the idea of random chance. They had made all of their calculations and rigged the game in their favour on the presumption that chance was random. All he had to do was, prove them wrong. He had to prove that random chance was not random. That random chance was, in fact, a calculated measure and every time something like the roulette table rolled out a number, it was going to be that number all along. But how to do that? How does one prove that random chance is not actually random?

He figured it out. All he had to do was define every single atom of the universe. Discover the universe in its entirety. Define it to a mathematical formula and calculate the spinning of the roulette table, the dropping of the ball to where it would eventually lay. If the power of the spinner of the roulette table placed enough strength into the spinning of the roulette table, then the subsequent dropping of the ball into the roulette table. Depending of the force of the spin and at what point the ball was dropped, there was a calculated end result. The power was determined by the strength and various other factors, such as what the spinner had for breakfast that morning, how he grew up, the first girl that he kissed and every other significant event that occurred in the spinner’s life up until that point that produced him to spin the roulette table in that way. These events were also connected by every interaction with every other person that the spinner had ever met or not met. The force of the universe was interconnected in such an integral matrix.

And so that’s what he did. Driven by being fucked around by all the casinos throughout his lifetime. He began to map out the universe in its entirety. To every single quantum physical particle that could be calculated. He developed several branches of mathematics in order to do so. Some did not make sense. But he had to do it, because he had to beat the god damn casinos.

But by being aware of the force of the universe and how everything was structured. He became a new force, all of his own, the x factor. Once being aware of how the universe operated he became an external factor, significantly aware of his own prescribed actions dictated to him by the order of the universe. And once being aware of this, he no longer operated in accordance with the universe and therefore had to calculate himself into the equation as an unknown variable. And based on his actions of doing this or that, all of the subsequent manifestation throughout the universe were based on his actions. And he figured this out, all in order to beat the casinos.

Once he had figured it all out he went into the casino. He wore a suit and had shades on. Cool and calm he placed his bet on the roulette table with the biggest smile you have ever seen. He won the first time. And the second time, and the third. He knew every single number that would present itself on the roulette table. He had figured out that random chance wasn’t random, and every random chance event was calculated down to a precise outcome. He no longer saw the world as normal people do. But as a series of numbers, calculated to the finest point with all possible outcomes accounted for. He had beat the casinos.

The spinner, behind the roulette table, asked him, “How the hell are you doing that?”

He replied, “I have a system.”

“Jesus Christ! That must be one hell of a system.”

He smiled, “It is.”


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