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The train

[The Train, 569 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Having a look at the world around them, there was no other option. Yet the world would not accept that. The point of indifference that the human animal felt towards its own environment was outstanding at best. The train was called capitalism. It had been a driving force for the destruction of the world for quite some time now and it was headed towards a brick wall. The brick wall was called planet Earth. It seemed that people constantly fuelled the train with their greed to get their two cents in. Or to collect their two cents. Greed and people’s hypocritical nature allowed for humanity’s destruction of its own habitat.

That is to say. The shop on the train had closed that was serving sandwiches. But every single motherfucker that came to the counter demanded that their sandwich to be made. And so the shop prolonged being open so that the greedy little beasts could fill their stomachs.

Who was driving the train? Who the fuck was driving the train!? Someone should tell the mad bastard that he better turn on the brakes so he doesn’t hit that brick wall. And that’s when they realised… No-one was driving the train.

There it is. Capitalism was the directional force for which the train made its way. The incentive. The demand. And it was going to destroy the planet if it kept on going. The option… The emergency brakes. But people had been pulling on that thing for a long time now. It turned out that the emergency brakes were just a façade to make people think they had an illusion of control. That if a situation occurred, they would be able to pull on the emergency brakes and the train would stop. But that was it, wasn’t it? The emergency brakes didn’t work.

The only thing that would stop the train was to make everyone rich. So rich that the economy collapsed and money became meaningless. It would destroy the train completely. Throwing the train off of its tracks. But there would be some survivors in that scenario. People would survive the train burning… But if it hit that brick wall. Then there would be no world left for the survivors. That brick wall was the planet. Without that… Without that we’d all be fucked.

Like Shiva and Kali… The great destroyers. If they destroyed the train, then we could create something else. Something with less power. With less power meant that in the future we would not find ourselves in the same situation. Instead of a train, a guy on a skateboard… Something, anything that was not as destructive as the god damned train.

That was the thing with Shiva and Kali. Yes, they destroyed. But in that destruction they also renewed. Out of the ashes of destruction they created something new. With each destruction, it gave birth to something new and wonderful.

And so as the train rolled onto the brick wall. On a collision course to destroy the planet. There were some people that were frantically searching for the driver. And others who realised there was no driver, they were all driving the thing and caught up in a collision course to destroy everything people once knew.

And those unique amongst the turmoil and panic, they began to raise their voice to say, “Burn the god-damned train!” And proceeded to do so in various compartments through out.


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