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Mind your own business

[Mind your own business, 649 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Steve sat there. In his office job there wasn’t much to do except stare out the window. It was his role to process police checks for people who asked for them. About two years ago the demand was very low. But now, ever since the Liberal party had come into power everyone needed a police check. They needed a police check for this or that. When they attended a job interview they required a police check. Steve didn’t know what to make of it. He stared out the window for a while, lost in concentration, attempting to make sense of the larger picture.

The Liberal party had promised the people more jobs and in essence, that’s what they were doing. If it was in a somewhat ludicrous fashion. By creating a demand for paperwork such as police checks, they were creating a demand for paperwork, and in the process creating jobs in an administrative vocation.

Members of parliament hadn’t required this much identity papers as the common individual now required for a job at a coffee shop. By enforcing stricter policies, they were creating an abundance of jobs in an administrative positions. But is an administrative position really detailed work? Not really, it’s just a bunch of stamping papers, passing them along and creating more middle men than is really necessary. Was it Oscar Wilde, who was once sighted as saying, “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy”?

It was a step towards madness. It was the invocation of policies that were redundant upon their creation. But, hey! What the hell! More jobs, right? Steve had once visited India and in India he had found that this was the way of things. And in Australia, well, it was on its way to that. Many men holding their pieces of paper and declaring that they held something above other people. This was just the manipulation of the masses. In reality, it was the men handing out the pieces of paper who held all the power. And there they were; in universities, in all sorts of places, setting up these establishments, handing out pieces of paper. All at the cost of a pretty penny. Everyone could sell a piece of paper when that piece of paper had the pretence of some sort of value. Value being determined by society. And society’s values had become a steaming hunk of shit!

There was not enough ingenuity going round for people to do anything for themselves and so there were no real jobs. There were some jobs, but not enough jobs to go around. Society had bought into the shit that it kept on perpetuating between itself, creating a manifestation of lies. That’s probably why most businesses and corporations found it so difficult to admit to any form of reality about global warming, they were so used to selling shit as a gimmick to the rest of the world to market their product that they could no longer distinguish between bullshit and truth. They saw the threat to the environment as some sort of cleverly disguised marketing campaign that destroyed their profits. They had no concept of what a real disaster was because they were consistently thinking in business terms.

The world was going to shit. He had figured out some of these things and needed to share. He went to his supervisor’s office and started explaining all of it to him.

As soon as he started about the administrative bullshit that was going on, his supervisor said, “Whoa! Steve, that’s way above your pay grade. You should mind your own business like I do mine.”

Steve walked out of his supervisor’s office, slightly distraught, not knowing what to do with himself. He didn’t want to undergo unnecessary stress and so he took his supervisor’s advice. Sat back down at the computer and continued on with his administrative work.


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