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Between somewhere and nowhere

[Between Somewhere and Nowhere, 580 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

“Inbetween somewhere and nowhere there is a place that can be seen.” Alex was in a daze, a couple of days after a drug binge, he and his friend were lying on opposite couches. They were both attempting to readjust to reality and were talking shit. Shit that didn’t seem to make sense at the time. But in the larger effect did, but it didn’t, but it did.

“What the fuck are you talking about bra?” His friend, Christian, didn’t seem to have an understanding of what he was saying. His mind convulsed, kicking out, attempting to take hold of reality that he had been so firmly without for the past couple of days.

“I don’t really know, that’s because I’m somewhere between somewhere and nowhere.”

“That’s no place. No place at all.”

“No place is some place and some place no place.”

“Shut the fuck up with your bullshit would you!” Christian, quite irritated by his friend’s stupid speculations attempted to shut him up.

“Like the colour veridian, or vermillion, just imagine the two mixed together in some sort of composition.”

At this point, Christian began to imagine the words Alex spoke. It was as if the words had some sort of translatable form all of their own. Some sort of meaning, just by the sounds of the words. A vision appeared before Alex, the aftereffects of some long begotten psychedelic trip. “Yeah?” He questioned and became intuned with Alex’s words.

“Just like there is a breaking point in everything that we achieve. Just as with there is death. There is rebirth. And there is a place inbetween each of the cycles that we must go through in order to be reborn. It is no more than a quest to be reborn again. The quest is the transitory moment between here or there that is really nowhere. And although scary and awe inspiring of fear, we must go through it, we must all go through it. In order for us to be reborn. It is a beautiful place. A place that weaves a solid tapestry of life, binding together every single moment, so that we can become aware and see it for what it really is. Our own small part in the larger construction. Our role, whatever it is. We bounce to and from this world and another. Breaking, always breaking, but then going on to recreate ad flourish in some form of divine spark that emulates and stimulates reality for what it is. Just some grand design with all of our heartbeats, beating, beating, beating and then ceasing to be.” Christian had listened to every single one of Alex’s words. So much so that Christian’s heart stopped beating as soon as Alex finished with the words, ‘and then ceasing to be.’ And then Alex asked Christian, “You know what I mean?” It was then that Alex looked over to Christian. His friend had ceased breathing. Alex panicked, got off his couch and scrambled over to Christian. By this time a minute had passed. Alex knew very little of CPR, but used the palms and struck his chest in an attempt to kick start his heart.

Christian was thrown back into the world of the living at a dramatic pace. He gasped for air. “I saw it!” He cried out, “I saw it! I saw it! I saw it!”

After Christian had calmed down Alex asked him, “Saw what?”

“The place between somewhere and nowhere. And it was beautiful.”


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