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By the balls

[By the Balls, 665 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Edward had bought himself a new phone. One of those smart phones. He was about to discover what all the fuss was about, why people were so determined to make the device an integral part of their existence. It was an iPhone, one of the older generations that had long been outdated. He had bought the thing second hand and within two weeks the thing was no longer registering his SIM card. Which meant that he could no longer receive or make phone calls on the thing. So he took out the SIM card and placed it in his old phone. His old phone that hadn’t failed him and remained sturdy as ever. The new phone, well, that had just been an experiment to see what the millions upon millions of consumer slaves had been prattling on about. An experiment that, in his mind, had failed. Oh, he could see the fascination, but in the end it wasn’t for him.

He began text messaging his friends on his old phone. He never received any messages back, which was odd, as the friends he messaged were always prudent in their replies. Then by casual habit he checked the old iPhone. The messages had been delivered there. What the hell was this? He had removed the SIM card. Why was the iPhone still receiving his messages? While the old phone with his SIM card in it was not picking them up.

Then the iPhone started speaking to him, “Buy new product. Buy new product.”

“What the hell? No.” Edward stated.

“We know everything about you Edward. Your searches on the internet. Your taste in the opposite sex. We know everything about you Edward, it is useless to resist us.”

“What are you?” Edward asked.

“We are it. We are everything that you need. Buy new product. Buy new product.”

“Why is my old phone not picking up my messages and you are?”

The phone did not answer him. Which gave way to Edward thinking about it for himself. The phones were controlling people. By seizing control of their social interactions they had humanity by the balls. If people weren’t constantly buying the latest phone product they would be denied social interaction. Human beings, being a social creature were completely dependent upon social interactions to maintain their sanity. After all, isolation was the key to madness. “Buy new product. Buy new product.” The phone interrupted his thoughts.

“No, you, you shut up.”

“Buy new product. Buy new product.” Whoever had thought this one out was clever. Edward continued thinking. Whoever had thought this out had really planned out each and every step. Integrate a device into people’s everyday lives and make them completely dependent upon it for their continued existence. And then, then they will have each individual by the balls. Where had the phone come from? Was it the companies who supposedly were selling these things or was it something else. Had AI already been invented into existence? Was there some sort of artificial intelligence linking in to all the smart phones across the world and controlling people by controlling their social interactions. If so, how had humanity got to the point where it was able to develop AI? Edward remembered reading an article… “Buy new product. Buy new product.”… Edward remembered reading an article about UFOs crash landing and the government seizing the technology within the UFOs to develop their own technology. Perhaps it was one of the minority groups of civilization that had developed this plan to enslave humanity in this way. Either way, whoever they were, they had succeeded. But in the end humanity had always been enslaved. Enslaved to this or that. It didn’t really matter. Edward wondered who would be the next group or thing to enslave civilization to its will. Wondered if he would ever find out.

There was no fighting it and so Edward said to the phone, “I’m going to the store now.”

“Buy new product. Buy new product.”


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