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Losers and fuckable things

[Losers and Fuckable Things, 837 words, Genre: Realistic Fiction]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

There they were again, a group of them, discussing ideas about gender identification. Edward sat to the side, getting more intoxicated, beer by beer. Nobody paid any attention to what he had to say. So over the years he had accepted this. Had dumbed down his expression to a self destructive act in which he punished his brain with copious amounts of alcohol. There had been times in which he had made the attempt to join in on the social activities of the others. Those attempts were disqualified, where he was unable to find his place within the social circle. And so now… He sat off to the side, sometimes listening in to what the others were talking about. At points, when the alcohol in his system had accumulated, he would throw in his two cents and opinion. However, as was the usual doctrine his opinion would be disregarded and the conversation would continue on without him. In this he had found his own place within social interactions, it wasn’t the place he saw himself as, but it was the place allotted to him by social politics. The place of the drunken loser, drinking his life away while the others continued on with their more important business. Mentally, he would join in on the conversation, but would not physically partake for his input would be disregarded regardless of what he had to say. What was it? His age? His mentality? His appearance?
“Society has always placed women as a sexual object and we have so much more to offer to the world.” The woman who identified herself as a feminist was sore on this point and would constantly repeat herself.
“I completely agree.” Her boyfriend, ever the white knight, simply reiterated everything that she had previously stated and would sometimes put the same opinion into his own words.
Edward listened in, drinking his beer, thinking to himself, ‘Well, she is quite beautiful. All her boyfriend has to do is agree with her and then he can get inside her pants. Ironic. Though, she can’t see it. The only one guilty of her objection is the one closest to her that agrees with her. She will never see it because he never challenges these views and without those challenges she will never learn and grow from the experience.’ He sipped at his beer, keeping his thoughts to himself. ‘Can’t blame him really. He doesn’t have the balls to challenge her status quo because he knows it would threaten his position as her partner. People don’t win anything without taking risks.’
The night wore on. They continued their conversations of social politics and human rights. Edward continued to punish his brain with liquor and harder spirits.
“At the end of the day, social justice is all that counts. That’s the equaliser of political framework. The only way we can equally represent everyone in a fair and just society.” Someone said.
The others nodded their heads in agreement.
‘There are so many different factors that operate within a political framework. Nobody can hope to equally represent everyone for everyone is different. Equality does not exist because based on need and necessity different skills are required at different periods of time. Where one idea or way of thought may empower you today, tomorrow it may turn against you. The tides are changing and the political, social and economic are always evolving to adapt to these changing tides. Where one segment of society is empowered today, tomorrow it will not be so. Equality can’t exist because of so many evolving variables. The best one can hope for is equal opportunity.’ Edward thought.
Time wore on. Edward continued drinking. Things were wrapping up for the evening and he still remained silent. The drinks had caught up to everyone else and now they were all talking amongst themselves.
“We need a society structure based on the equality of all people.”
“I’m sick of being treated like a sexual object.”
“I agree.”
Then Edward had had enough of the same thing being iterated over and over again. He stood up from his seat, beer in hand, sculling the rest of his beer. Then said, “And I’m sick of being treated like a loser who has nothing to offer to the world.”
Everyone in the room laughed at him in his drunken state and he fell down to the floor from his drunken inebriation. Lying there as the others continued to laugh at his drunken demeanour.
The woman who identified herself as a feminist then commented, “But Edward, you are a loser with nothing to offer the world except the hilarity of your drunken antics.”
And Edward, drunk on the floor, about to pass out mumbled, “And with that attitude you will always be a sexual object, unable to perceive beyond appearances and offering nothing else to the world except for your sexy booty.”
But nobody heard him or paid any attention  to what he said. Everyone went home and Edward passed out on the floor.


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