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When business is slow

[When Business is Slow, 664 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Edward had had no physical problems, however, through his friends he was suggested to go to a physiotherapist. They told him that the visit would do wonders for him. He was apprehensive at first, not truly understanding what they meant. He argued with them. He told them that he had no physical problems. Still, they were insistent that he go to the physiotherapist. He did not understand why. But eventually he gave in and booked an appointment with the Physio.

He arrived at the physiotherapist with plenty of time to spare. The receptionist handed him a questionnaire to fill out, which he began to mark with a pen signifying that he had no previous physical problems.

When the time came, the physiotherapist came to meet him for his appointment. Edward introduced himself and the Physio introduced herself.

Then the tests began. First the Physio measured his height, then they did some stretches, the Physio bent Edward’s legs to positions he had never been in before, testing his flexibility. It was all pretty routine, run of the mill stuff. She had Edward test his balance by standing on one leg and jumping up and down. It was difficult to understand exactly what the physiotherapist was doing. Whatever she was doing, it was beyond Edward. At one point she held Edward’s legs and twisted them to such a degree that they both heard a distinctive crack.

“What was that?” Edward asked.

“Oh, that. That was nothing.” The Physio smiled.

There were few more tests and then it was finished.

“Well, you don’t seem to have any problems at the moment,” the Physio handed him a business card, “But here’s my business card if you experience any problems in the future.”

“Thanks,” Edward took the business card and placed it in his wallet.

Edward bid the receptionist farewell and he left, assured of his health. He went on with his day, following his regular routine. He stopped for lunch at a café, it was during his meal that he first started to notice a painful feeling in his legs. He was uncertain what it was. He finished his meal and then went to the gym. During his gym session, he noticed a deterioration in the amount of weight that he could lift. He assured himself that rest was all he needed. So he went home to get some sleep.

The next morning his alarm woke him. He tried to get up out of bed, but could not move his legs. He began to panic and screamed out, “I can’t move my fucking legs!” He called out, crying out for help. There was no-one there to help him. He used his arms to crawl towards his phone. He grabbed his phone and found his wallet. He pulled out the Physio’s business card. He entered the phone number and the phone began ringing, the receptionist answered.

“Hello, this is Edward, I came in yesterday for a check-up.”

“Ah, yes, Edward. How can we help you?”

“I need to speak to the physiotherapist immediately.”

“Please hold while I get her.”

Edward held the phone waiting, five minutes passed before the Physio picked up the phone on the other side. “Hello Edward, what seems to be the problem?”

“I came in yesterday and everything was fine, but today I can’t move my legs.”

“I see. Will you be able to come in and I can assess what has happened?”

“I can’t walk, I can’t move my legs, I don’t know what has happened. Can you visit me?”

“I can, but that will cost you extra.”

“I don’t care, I will pay you anything, I need help.”

“Okay, I will be there within the hour.”

With that, the conversation ended. The Physio hung up the phone. The Physio sat there at her desk and contemplated what she had just done. “You have to create problems so that you have problems to fix.” She mused. She laughed and prepared herself to visit Edward.


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