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Rise of the femi-nazis

[Rise of the Femi-Nazis, 1,081 words, Genre: Realistic Fiction]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Three men sat in a room discussing the feminist agenda, or more appropriately, the abuse of privilege that many current feminists undertook. Two talked, while the other remained silent, checking messages on his phone.
“Damn these feminists, damn them!” Chris exclaimed.
“What have they done this time?” Asked Kevin.
“The bastards have banned a comic book cover.”
“It had batwoman on the front cover being held with a knife against her throat by the Joker.”
“That’s farkin’ ridiculous!”
“Yeah, I know. They’re imposing on the rights of expression of other individuals, all under the cover of gender equality. They’re introducing new laws that counteract the rights that have been previously established as gender neutral, this is inadvertently creating gender inequality.”
“Feminism was meant to be about gender equality right?”
“Well, it was, it’s become something else now. There’s laws being introduced in California and the other states of America like the ‘Yes means Yes’ law.”
“What’s that?”
“Well, it means that both parties have to verbally consent to sex before they engage in the act. Which I agree with. However, you have to have proof of the other person consenting to sex. Which basically means that if you don’t have a physical recording or contract drawn up with the other person, they can accuse you of rape. It’s already happened. One of the guys who was campaigning for the law before it was introduced was accused of rape because he didn’t have proof of consent. What it means is that, essentially, you are guilty before proven innocent. You are judged as guilty under accusation of rape and then you must prove your innocence by showing that the other person has given consent in either a verbal recording or paper form. I mean really, who does that? Who draws up a contract to have sex? Who records their consent before having sex? What!? We have to carry around contracts of consent with us now in case we get lucky. It’s ridiculous!”
“Let’s draw a line here. Feminism was meant to be about the equality of the genders. What you’re talking about is something else. What you’re talking about enters Nazi territory, they’re the femi-nazis who are doing this, not the feminists.”
“Whatever the fuck you call them! It’s still wrong. Farkin’ feminists!”
“But why are they doing this?”
“They’re just farkin’ bullies!”
“The thing about bullies is that they were once bullied themselves, they become bullies as a reaction to being bullied previously. Let’s face it, men are not that great and probably to account for the situation that has arisen in their reaction to circumstance. Many women have been raped or treated neglectfully. However, we already have laws in place to account and make those who are accountable pay for such actions. Things like rape are already considered a crime. Men must hold themselves accountable for their own actions in this respect also, just the same as women.”
“Oh, you’re one of those white knight farkheads…”
“White knight? What’s that?”
“A white knight is a man who jumps aboard the feminist agenda and supports their argument.”
“Well, I’m not supporting their argument. The ‘Yes means Yes’ law is impractical as a law, although valid in consensus thought. As a law it allows for all sorts of problems to occur. And I don’t agree with the comic book art being banned either. That’s a repression on the freedom of speech. What I can’t ignore is the fact that there are a lot of women who feel disempowered out there. They feel so disempowered that they have climbed on the bandwagon of feminism and feel that they can empower themselves this way. As individuals of the feminist movement, what they are, in fact, doing is disempowering themselves and the original agenda of the feminist agenda which was gender equality. They are disempowering themselves by handing over their own voice and their own mind to a select few, who propose these ludicrous sanctions all in the name of feminism. They are completely blinded by the idea of successful males in positions of power, so much so that they neglect to take into account such ideas that the majority of homeless people are also male. Males are at both ends of the spectrum in this. They expend all this energy pursuing and arguing over these political issues. They label themselves as the victims and embrace victimhood in an effort to further their agenda. They empower those very select few at the top of the feminist hierarchy with their efforts as they see it as a vehicle of empowerment for themselves. However, it is not a vehicle of empowerment! For the original concept of gender equality has been lost. These white knight characters, these men who support these femi-nazis are farkin’ idiots too! All they are doing is enabling these women in an effort to get into their pants. They’re the real ones preying on these women. They’re selling out their own rights as males, in an effort to get laid. I’m no farkin’ white knight! These groups of disempowered women out there need to be helped, but not helped the way the white knights are doing it. They need to be helped and they can’t be helped by these sort of groups. The only path of empowerment can only be taken by the individual. People can empower themselves by working on a practical skill, their own physical abilities or a pathway of knowledge. And perhaps, that is what many of them are attempting to achieve. But by handing over power to a leadership who promises you empowerment, you become completely disempowered as your power belongs to your leaders and their ideas and vision of what it means to be empowered. It’s the same for many groups. A group will begin with a noble ambition, but somewhere along the way it will achieve its objective and then it’s objective will be lost. Once that noble ambition is reached, the group becomes corrupted with a new ambition. That’s what happened to feminism. It now relies on disempowered women to support their cause. When, with many cases, women need to find their own individual path to heal themselves and empower themselves through the pursuit of individual goals. Because otherwise they’re just handing over their power to someone else, once again becoming the victim.”
Chris laughed, “So you actually want to help them. That’s ridiculous.” That’s when Kevin realised there were dick-heads on both sides of this argument.


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