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Through the lens of a bubble

[Through the Lens of a Bubble, 744 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Floating from one world to another, Edward was trapped inside a bubble. He would fly over cities, vast and spacious. Through the lens of the bubble he saw below happiness and bliss. The wind blew him this way and that, he did not know where he would land. He did not mind where he landed. Through the lens of the bubble everything was perfect. Birds sang sweet songs, the sun shone and children sang, danced and played. This was truly heaven as he floated above it all. Eventually he knew his bubble would land on the ground and he would have to make his home. Wherever he fell, it did not matter. It was all perfect beneath; sweetness, sunshine and marshmallows. He hummed a sweet song to himself. Fate would find him a place to make home and wherever home was he could make himself happy there.

Then the bubble started to float gently to the Earth’s floor. He looked to the place where he would land. There were elf like creatures with the biggest smiles he had ever seen. He shone a smile at them all as he came into land. They all looked up, waved at him and smiled back. It looked as if they were excited as he was. They would gain a new friend and he a home. It was a beautiful arrangement that fate had set up for him.

The bubble landed and within the bubble he started to move around and greet all the elf-like creatures. They were all very pleasant and happy to see him. He felt like he had landed at the right spot. They guided him towards a home and gave him a job to do. They all sang as they worked. A merry old tune and everything was shiny and gold. He worked hard inside his bubble and it was almost as if he was floating through the many work chores. He was happy within his work and all of the elf-like creatures congratulated him on being such a good worker.

One day Edward noticed all the elf-like creatures gathered together in a huddle. They were discussing something and he could only hear every second word.

“I think he can do it.”

“So do I.”

“Do you really think he’s ready?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

Edward walked up to the creatures in his bubble. Trying to figure out what was going on. Before he reached them one of them walked up to him. One of the creatures pointed towards him with a long finger and told him, “We think you are ready.” It reached out to Edward and with its finger penetrated the bubble that wrapped Edward in safety. The bubble popped revealing an entirely different world.

All around Edward was fire and carnage. Towers of fire rose out of cracks in the ground’s surface. All the elf-like creatures were still smiling, but when Edward looked closer their smiles were held in place by these metal attachments on their head and mouths. Edward cried out in horror. This was not the world he once viewed it as. This was a place of horror. The reality of it. The elf-like creatures were all demonic in their form. The features contorted and the look in their eyes was of horror and secret pain. The one who popped the bubble, then spoke to him, “This is the world we live in. We need help. Will you help us, now seeing the world as it really is and not through the lens of the bubble?”

Edward looked upwards. There in other bubbles floating above, hideous monsters who barked out orders at the demonic elf-like creatures. Edward felt like he was going to cry or fly off in a fit of rage. He then looked at his own reflection in a puddle of oil. He, too, was a demon elf-like creature. He was just as they were, but now he could truly see the world for what it was without the protection of the bubble he had previously inhabited. He turned to the one who had popped the bubble. Half angry, half despair, he said, “I will help.”

The demonic elf-like creatures all moved in towards him and placed the metal headgear on to fix a smile in place. He was ready to confront the world for what it really was and ready for the hard work involved to try and make it a better place.


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