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Unexplored galaxies

[Unexplored Galaxies, 547 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

She stared at him. He stared back. They were in the process of some forlorn courtship, some primitive dance where their hearts beat at the rhythmic pulse of tribal drums.
“Do you love me?” She asked.
“Yes.” He answered.
“Even if I deceive you?” She asked.
“Yes.” He answered.
“Why?” She asked.
“Because, as I stare into those eyes of yours. Those pretty little eyes, in a perfect position, with the flaws in the iris like an imperfect diamond I see a universe. Its own self-contained universe, separate from the one that I live in, separate from the one we all exist in and a world of new rules. Gravity does not exist there, nor does the law of thermodynamics. No laws exist there that exist here. It is a separate set of laws that are self-sufficient in their own right. As a separate universe, it had its own beginnings. An explosion in the space cosmos and fabric of existence was created in a single moment, giving birth to you and the universe that dwells within. There is dark space there, as scary as that may be and terrifying monsters as yet unknown. And yet I seek to encounter such unexplored galaxies that exist there. That was given birth and creation unto itself, within the blinking of an eye. The shattered moments of chance and clarity that formed such an incredible world. I wish to understand and know the rules that exist there and why they exist. It is for the expansion of my own galaxy, as we are both drawn to one another in some sort of prelude to something greater. Perhaps the creation of another galaxy as of yet unformed, perhaps not. I do wish to understand all of those rules that exist there, the laws. I wish to gain insight into your world and as I stare into your eyes I can see it would be a wonderful adventure.” He answered.
“Interesting, but you don’t even know me and it already sounds like you’re in love.” She stated.
“That is what I am saying. I am in love with all the possibilities that exist within this moment, within this period of time. A galaxy as yet unexplored is teeming with possibilities of life unknown. It is a journey that I wish to embark upon.” He stated.
She was frightened by his responses, it was all too, too… intense. She did not want intense, she wanted walks on the beach, quiet evenings drinking beer, watching the sunset, the calm tranquillity that came without thinking too much. And so she laughed, she laughed at him. She laughed at him and told him, “No, you’re just another hopeless romantic, that’s what you are.” She laughed, she packed up her bags and walked away never to be seen again.
And he was a hopeless romantic, she was right. He would continue to be a hopeless romantic in search of another hopeless romantic. Yet, this must be said. The hopeless romantic does not love the reality of the situation, for their world is a world full of endless possibilities and unexplored galaxies. Even when two hopeless romantics meet one another, they do not connect. For to explore the possible galaxies out there would ruin the beauty of limitless possibility.


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