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The spider and the fly

[The Spider and the Fly, 821 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

It was Bubba J’s first time in Australia, he had applied for permanent residency under the direction of his wife. Back home in India, when he had lost his job for unknown reasons that can only be described as a bureaucratic cost-financing indiscretion, words that Bubba J knew existed in the English language, but had no understanding of what they meant. He had been working as a support systems engineer and project manager over the last ten years and was now thirty-eight years old. When he asked if they had any other employment opportunities the company told him to move to Australia and they would get in touch with him in a couple of months.Back there in India, when he had lost his job, his wife told him, “You Bubba J, you go to Australia and make money for your family, you bring us over to Australia and give us a better life Bubba J. Otherwise, you are no man at all.” Now Bubba J was a man, or at least wanted to be, so he did his research, got his permanent residency and packed his bags for Australia. It was the first time Bubba J had ever attempted to live in another country. He had once visited Polland on a business trip for one month and for some reason or another, he counted this as lived in experience.
Now, before he moved to Australia, he had to look for accommodation. He looked online through real estate websites. In about a week he found a single bedroom available for rent in a home above a shop. The price seemed reasonable. He contacted the landlord through email and spoke to him over the phone. The landlord was also Indian. He talked to him over the phone and asked what the possibility was about getting work in Australia. The landlord told him that it wasn’t easy, but you might get lucky. Bubba J thought himself a lucky man and told him that he will have the room for one month. After the conversation ended and Bubba J hung up the conversation, the landlord in Australia brought his hands together and thought to himself, ‘Looks like the spider has caught another fly,’ and silently laughed inside his head.
The first day in Australia he travelled via taxi to the address the landlord had given to him. It was summer and the heat beat down upon his face, giving way to terrible sweat. The landlord received the money for the bond and the first month’s rent and showed Bubba J to his room. The room was quite small, it had no windows, it had some weird straps hanging from the ceiling, there was also access to an elevator that had been used as transportation for when the building was once used as a butcher shop and housed pigs and other meat carcasses. Bubba J felt uncomfortable about the room, but he was an honourable man and decided to meet the agreement that had previously been made.
The first night two Australians came and found out that it was his first day in Australia. As a celebration, one of them decided to buy Bubba J a beer. They went up to the liquor shop and the conversed. Slowly, the Australians listened to his story, trying to make sense of it. One of the Australians decided it was better not to say anything while the other thought somebody better word him up before he gets taken advantage of any further. To the situation that the Australian delivered him and the unlikelihood of walking into a position as a project manager or I.T systems support Bubba J said, “It all depends on luck and Bubba J is a lucky man.” The Australian tried his best to do what he saw as a great service to the new arrival. All it did was make Bubba J think that the Australian was an arsehole.
Bubba J, thinking that he was living with Australian arseholes then thought it best to find one of his own countrymen. He looked on the internet for other Indians in the local area. When he found one he contacted them and asked them if what the Australian was saying was true. The new contact in Australia just reconfirmed what he had already heard, ‘It isn’t easy, but with a little luck you can make it.’ Bubba J then organised with his new friend that he would move out of the nightmare home that he had ended up in and move in with his new friend at the end of the month. After the conversation his new friend sat there and thought to himself, ‘Looks like the spider has caught another fly,’ and laughed to himself.
The thing about spiders and flies is that after long enough, once the fly has had its spirit drained by all of the other spiders, the fly eventually becomes another spider.


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