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The final frontier

[The Final Frontier, 642 words, Genre: Science Fiction/Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

The human race did, eventually, make it out into space. Earth, global warming and climate change created the conditions required for the human race to make that leap forward in its evolutionary process. However, as far as the human race had come in its technological evolution, it still found itself severely lacking in its spiritual evolution and so the final frontier was destined to failure.

The spacecrafts were megaliths that housed entire civilizations. There were many of them, each of them headed for a distant planet with a possibly habitable Terra like new Earth. One thousand spacecrafts, all in all, each one headed to a new planet. The closest was one thousand light years away. Each spacecraft carried with it the contents of the Earth, the seeds to start again. Yet, with the human race at the helm, it was predestined for failure. The human race had always been a failure and as much as I would like to convince otherwise you cannot ignore the facts. The human race had turned the act of failure into an art form, continually ignoring the lessons learnt by previous generations, each successive generation of the human race was in rebellion with the previous one and was, in effect, always starting on page one of human history with each child that was born.

The arcs (the spacecrafts) were no different. At first order was maintained, but when hard decisions had to be made and there were individuals that had to account for an underclass revolution developed. Each one of these arcs was like a miniature of human history. The wars that were fought between different religions, the chaos, the inequality and the wars. Each one of these arcs developed their own narratives that encompassed these problems.

In the end there were no human beings. The arcs hurtled towards their destinations, but there were no human beings on board. Just empty vessel housing different species of animals and plants. Without the humans on board, the animals died out, they had been bred in captivity and the wildness and capacity for initiative had been bred out of them.

All, except for one arc in which some of the apes were able to escape. They had played around with the controls that kept them in captivity and figured out how to gain release. However, once released from their initial enclosure they just found more and more enclosures. Until one of them opened up the airlock and the contents of that arc were hurtled off into space. Without any knowledge of space, the monkeys had no idea where they were. It must have been some sort of tragic procession when they opened up the final airlock to what they thought was their freedom and were rewarded with doom. I suppose, the human race had something in common with those monkeys in their own venture into space.

After the animals had died out all that were left were the plants. Soon enough, without human monitoring most of the plants died out too. After a while all that was left was the corn. The corn remained.

One vessel did make it to a Terra Earth-like planet. It crash landed and the corn spread from its contents. The conditions of the planet were primed for it. Corn covered the contents of the new planet and over a million years the corn evolved. The corn evolved into a new conscious life form.

Over a hundred thousand years the new life form developed its own space program. In one mission into space they found voyager. The space vessel launched into space a million and more years ago. The one that contained all the information about the human race and animal. They looked at the information and this strange creature called the human beings. They looked in wonder and said, “Who the fuck are these guys?”


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