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Faith in the words of men

[Faith in the words of Men, 820 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

“I was looking at the dictionary the other night and it had some interesting things to say about you, my dear friend.” Cernikus was in Wilkonson’s study. Sitting behind his desk with the lights that remained dim.

“Did the dictionary name me a prophet, I wonder? What is it Cernikus? What did the dictionary name me this time.”

“First of all Wilkonson, I shall recount what it had to say about I. It named me an oddity. This is how I know it speaks truth, for an oddity I am. Who would submit their powers of observation to the skimming of a dictionary when in doubt and confusion? Only an oddity, I doth proclaim it truth!”

“First, what is your method? Can it be recreated at a point of cusp of a decision for those who seek higher guidance? Or is that your right alone?”

“I will explain how it is done. I first encountered the method by searching for a word, a perfectly good word starting with an ‘s’. I knew the word started with an ‘s’, but needed some sort of reminder of the word. So I searched for the word under ‘s’. I did not find it. I gave up in frustration and hurled the dictionary at the wall. From there I smoked a cigarette and attempted to ponder what the word could be, but still did not find it. Then I went over to the dictionary and picked up the book and accidentally opened it up to a random page. Where the thumb lay was the word I had searched for and it did not start with an ‘s’, it began with a ‘v’. This is where I first found the art and have been living with this art ever since. I began asking it questions. It would speak in one word answers which I would then have to contemplate. Such as a definition of my character, which it doth proclaim an oddity.”

Wilkonson came to sit in front of his desk, facing Cernikus on the other side. “Amongst this madness, could we test this under scientific conditions?”

“I would say not. For first one must have faith, much like the Christians place their faith in the holy bible. Only those who have faith in such a method will achieve any result. Their faith spirals and creates some sort of phantasm or spirit, which in turn guides the dictionary to proclaim its revelations. Just as any method of faith proclaims truth, it initially requires faith to reveal truth.”

“Madness Cernikus, madness! Science and scientific method reveal new truths of the world every day. A new species of the animal kingdom are being uncovered every day, insights are gained through the working of mathematics.”

Cernikus grabbed the dictionary off the table and clutched it to his breast, “Ah yes, but these things were not there. As the mathematical equation of the universe unravels, as pi discovers another digit, new formations are gained, as a new animal or insect is discovered somewhere around the globe the idea pops into one’s head that it did exist and so it does. We are allowing will to run rampant under the decree of science and measuring and gaining insight through the randomness of the universe as men have dreams and create worlds once unknown. We have no reign on our will as we once did, the beast has forced itself from its leash and we are attempting to keep up with the unrestrained imagination of the billions who inhabit the Earth. And for what good? What purpose? Imagination running wild without will and order to direct it serves no purpose, but to grow to an infinite cosmos where we are confounded with the infinity of it all. This dictionary,” Cernikus slammed it down on the table, “this is where the answers lay. These are the words of men. We are not Gods who could or should know the mysteries of the universe. Our world is simple, complex enough to retain our attention, yet not complex enough to counter the infinite depths of the unrestrained imagination of the universe.”

“You talk madness Cernikus, madness.”

“I’m mad!? You’re staring into infinity and wish to see it all.”

“Very well, what did the dictionary tell you?”

“It claimed you are the defendant. For what crime, I do not know. Perhaps it is the crime of reaching beyond the realm of men. I do not know. The dictionary only gives one word answers.” From there they both lit up cigarettes and pondered the word. The word the dictionary had produced at a point of faith.

“Well, I suppose it is quite Kafka-esque. Perhaps that is the crime K once was accused of, that he reached beyond his mortal realm of experience to understand and conquer the heavens.”

“Yes, it is good to busy ourselves with the minds of books. There is no crime in that.”


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