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A Case of the Dads

[A Case of the Dads, 545 words, Genre: Experimental]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

Greg and Matt were sitting down to a drink, as they would usually do after a long week at work. It had been a long week at the office and they were grateful that the weekend had finally arrived. The hours had been long, the pay had been cheap, but the weekend had arrived and none of that mattered anymore.

“Mate, I think I have to change myself, grow up and settle down with a family or something.” Greg pondered.

“Sounds like you’ve got a bad case of the dads.”

“A case of the dads, what’s that?”

“Well, it’s when you submit yourself to a generic level, to become a generic sperm donor with some other generic woman.”

“Hey arsehole, what’s wrong with being a dad!?”

“Nothing’s wrong with being a dad, you can be a father and you can do whatever you want. But that’s not what you’re talking about. To me, it sounds like you’ve got a case of the dads.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Well, it’s when you compromise yourself and your personality in an effort to grow up and settle down. We all mature naturally and take on more responsibility as we get along. However, we don’t have to necessarily compromise ourselves to do this. We should be more mature, yes. We should know how to handle responsibility, yes. However, we don’t have to submit ourselves to some generic ideation of what we consider these things mean.”

“I think I know what you mean… a case of the dads, so that’s what they call it.”

“Yerp,” and then Matt burped. “Don’t get lost in your own path to submit to a generic one. Everyone should have a different way of doing things, that’s their way.”

“What if your way is the generic way?”

“Then you become another generic family without that much to offer except a generic point of view. Anyway, what the fuck are you thinking about that for?”

“I just think it would be nice is all.”

“Yeah, could be. Could be.” Matt and Greg continued to overlook the backyard and drinking into the early hours of the morning. Discussing topics of life and it’s oversights. They were critical of pretty much everything. However, for all their complaints they enjoyed the path that had been offered to them. In their subtle consideration of ideas of the universe, there was nothing attempted to grasp one of these ideas and live by them. Their life was a conversation, considering all the possibilities, yet stuck with no forceful action taken to choose a path. Without the choices being made all the possibilities still were laid out before them. Until that point in time where the possibilities were snatched away from them and the choice became determined and made for them as dreamers of the universe, taking no part in the workings of the universe, but with much consideration of it. And for all their dreams, it could be said that others do not make choices and the choices are thrown before them in their life path, without any real consideration of the options or choices. Action and consequence naturally playing out naturally without consideration of the options. The fate laid out before men like Matt and Greg seemed to be a constant consideration.


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